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In Alcatraz 1962 Release Studio Update

In Alcatraz 1962 Release Studio Update

Metal and hardccore group In Alcatraz 1962 are currently recording their debut LP, the follow-up to last year's Dream EP,  with producer, Don Debiase (Modern Day Escape, Beneath The Sky, For All Those Sleeping). They sent us a video update, which you can watch below. Looks like they might be having too much fun in the studio. Underneath that drummer Josh Zupovitz fills us in a little more after the video.

REVOLVER Where are you in the recording process?
We’ve knocked out all the tracking these past few weeks. The next step in the process is mixing and mastering. All the mastering will be done by Mike Brown (Lava Room). Everything is running very smoothly, Don DeBiase (Studio D Productions) is a phenomenal producer. We’ve been honored to have such a great team working with us. The atmosphere created by the studio has been an essential part in creating our first national release.

What does the new record sound like?
This record brings a lot of things that we feel need to be expressed in today’s metal and hardcore scene. It blends our first two EPs together, as well as added twists and turns influenced by each individual member. We tried utilizing different writing styles to mix it up from our first two EPs.

When do you anticipate the record being done, and what are your plans once you’re out of the studio?
This record should be 100 percent done within the next few weeks. We don’t have an official release date just yet, but one will be coming very shortly. We plan on doing a couple tours before the release, and many to follow once the record comes out.

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