In Flames Premiere New Song, “Through Oblivion”

in flames

Sweden’s  In Flames have teamed with Revolver to debut the brand new song, “Through Oblivion,” from their upcoming 11th album, ‘Siren Charms.’ Listen to the song below and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Through Oblivion” is available as a “first listen” for fans EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS ONLY.

“It was the five of us, six weeks in a legendary studio, enough liquids to run a spaceship and the love for metal,” In Flames comments. “That was the recipe for ‘Siren Charms.’ This album really sets the tone for In Flames 2014: still strong, still on top, and always evolving even 20 years down the line. This is ‘Siren Charms.'”

Demand for new material has been deafening, and the band responded by sharing this track, which is not yet commercially available. However, the new song and lead single “Rusted Nail,” which you can also listen to below, will be available commercially via all DSPs on Tuesday, June 17. Preorders for ‘Siren Charms’ will begin on iTunes at that time.

“Through Oblivion” will be made available as the second “instant grat” track on July 15 for all those who preorder the album. ‘Siren Charms’ will be released in the U.S. on September 9 via Sony/RED.


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  • Mariana Reis

    I can’t listen!!! whyyyyyyyy??? :'(

    • Mariana Reis

      Not avaiable in the U.K.?? COME ON!!!!!

      • Queatlez

        I feel your pain :(

    • richard howard

      Use Hotspot Shield VPN. And set it to U.S.
      See if that works.

    • Jakub Wychowaniec

      You can easily find these songs on youtube

  • Sara Adams


  • Joe Kopp

    Glad to hear Colony style arrangement and structure. I couldn’t take the muddiness of the last two albums.

  • Gio

    Really digging it. Unlike anything I’ve heard from IF. Really hyped for this album!

  • Greg

    Coming from an In Flames fan, I’m a little underwhelmed. I do dig the ‘Reroute’ synth undertones in ‘Through Oblivion’ but where’s the punch? Where’s that memorable hook?

    • PvtRedshirt

      I agree.

      It’s slow straight through. I’d like to see the energy surge higher from the verse to the chorus like it does in Square Nothing, My Sweet Shadow, or Suburban Me.

      I also think the long, kind of “filling” synth notes are too loud on the chorus. I can’t hear the notes of the guitar and more melodic synth lines.

      I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it doesn’t grab me.

  • bobby n


  • Seth Trautman

    This isn’t even metal anymore… :c

    • Me

      really they haven’t been since the early 2000’s

  • Brock

    Really nothing new…. I used to dig the shit out of them but they’ve become boring!

  • The Coming Chaos

    eh? really hope the album isn’t like this.

  • Dave Lustaine

    In Flames is broke. This is overly commercial. They might as well call themselves 30 Seconds to Mars

  • Terri

    It’s different, but I am still enjoying it thoroughly.
    In Flames we trust!

  • Kevin Valdez

    Did anders chop his dreads off?

    • InFlamesWeTrust

      Years and Years ago he did

      • Kevin Valdez

        I just saw them a few years ago

  • shawn

    Its probably just a slower song off the album , like “Come Clarity”…. hopefully

  • InFlamesWeTrust

    I dont even know what to say… Was there even any screaming in that song through oblivion, Even in Metaphor and Dawn of A New Day there was screaming. IN FLAMES IS MY FAVORITE BAND and i just don’t even know…..

    • Kody Hopkins

      There’s actually no screaming in either of those songs… So…. Yeah. Aha.

  • zacharyduane


  • megalodon79

    This is terrible. 0 for two so far. What the HELL happened?!

  • Greendogo

    Wow, that was so good!

  • richard howard

    Rusted Nail sounds Great. Through Oblivion… I hope that’s just the slow/chill track on the album.

  • DougB

    Love it. People will bitch about going back to roots and be pissed that it’s not 10000% screametal but to live is to change. F— those guys, the songs are great so far!

    • Andréas

      Maybe, but Soilwork and Children of Bodom very recently just released albums that were considered “back to the roots” albums. There was growth and change, but the fundamental sound that made those bands as big as they were was still there, and they were both excellent albums. Hell, even Arch Enemy seems to have found their “spark” again after years of basically being a riff recycling machine (different case from In Flames – a band that never lost their agression or “original sound”, but instead copied it so many times that got really, really boring).

      Then there’s Opeth. Heritage was a completely new direction for them, and Pale Communion looks like it’s about to follow in that direction. The difference? Songwriting that actually sounds purposeful and inspired. I’ve loved In Flames since I was 14 and heard “Man Made God” for the first time. I even enjoyed their last two albums quite a bit. The two singles released off of this album so far just don’t sound inspired at all. It’s like they’re tired and just slapping stuff together out of a wrote formula that they can count on to generate some form of commercial success.

  • TheIceMan929

    Their last decent album was Come Clarity. They’ve been downhill since then. More and more mellow melodic…. They need to get back to their roots. This new stuff is such a bore.

  • mike c

    This is just sad. IF died a while ago. Just stop it fellas.

  • MalmsteenIsGod


    • DedaMraz

      There is only 1 answer: Jesper.

  • Evan M

    It is very different from the IF we are all used to…however, it’s better than about 95% of music in general these days. I’m very much still a fan…a huge fan.

  • Drlathe

    You know I’m a big supporter of in flames last two albums but this is just really boring to be honest. Hopefully the rest of the album is better.

  • Nicholas Joseph Stradtman

    This makes me sad.Granted the songs aren’t terrible. I’ll give them that. But what happened to songs like Pinball Map? Touch of Red? Embody the Invisible? Crawl through Knives? I don’t mind more singing. The sung choruses is what got me hooked on them in the first place. But dammit I can’t even head bang to this. RIP In Flames. You will be missed.

    • One Jesterhead left

      I head bang to Blues don’t know what your talking about

  • will

    they should change their name

    • Drew

      based on this song, maybe from “In Flames” to “Mildly Smoldering in a Non-threatening Manner”

  • Jonny C Rogers

    I miss 90s In Flames

  • dannybiscuits

    Coming from an In Flames fan since 1997, I love SOPGF and rusted Nail. But this is not what everybody wants to hear on this track. A little sleepy i agree. But dont give up guys!

  • Jesters?

    R.I.P. In Flames

  • giac

    I’m interested to see how this album turns out. I’m sure In Flames fanboys will get pissed because it’s not like their 90’s material, but remember you’re not the one making the music, the band are. I like this stuff just as much as the old material but if you don’t like it, that’s fine. Just don’t go round hating on stuff you don’t like. Nobody is forcing you to listen to anything, so you have no justifiable reason to hate.

    • Adam D’Beard MacGryzzlybear

      as one who owns this bands entire discography, and has their album art tatt’d all over my body, I am so far dissapointed with this particular song, and the Rusted Nail single. There seems to be a complete lack of instrumentals. The guitar work is kinda half assed and it seems to have gone from Guitar Centric to Fridn’s Vocals Centric.

      • an0id

        im disappointed you tattooed a band all over your body. There seems to be a complete lack of forsite. Commenting is half assed.

  • Mark Williams

    Amazing that someone commented “Sounds like Katatonia and In Flames had a baby”….. Katatonia is without a doubt my favorite band in the world – but I freaking LOVE In Flames too.. When I heard that first track I thought almost the exact same thing.. The vocal mix is a bit hot maybe though???

    • Adam D’Beard MacGryzzlybear

      not just on this song, on this and rusted nail the instrumentals seem very muted. I have In Flames art tatted on my body. But even I am now worried this mand may have produced a St.Anger type album.

      • Adam D’Beard MacGryzzlybear

        Ok I’m now liking rusted Nail alot…

  • Adam D’Beard MacGryzzlybear

    has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe after 20+ years of screaming, Anders might actually have decided he doesn’t want to scream his lyrics anymore? Seriously that shits hard on the cords. After hearing these two singles over and over (and kinda disliking both at first) I’ve concluded two things. 1. I REALLY like them. 2. I Don’t care if its not true Metal anymore. I’ve grown up a bit since the 90’s and I now listen to a huge variety of genres. Each has their own awesomeness. If people want to be genre centric I feel sad for them because they are missing out on the huge variety that is now available literaly at the click of a button. genre fanboys are as un-unique as the goth kids I see walking to my local high school everyday.

    • Ganondox

      Of course it’s true metal.