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Incubus Manager Steve Rennie Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support a New Season of Renman Live

Incubus Manager Steve Rennie Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support a New Season of <em>Renman Live</em>

Music industry staple and Incubus' manager Stever Rennie has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help support the fourth season four of his web series Renman Live.

With what he calls a “Fuck the Gatekeepers” mentality, Rennie started the web show as a platform to help aspiring artists and music industry professionals navigate their way around the business by diving into the minds of some of successful managers, executives, A&R heads and musicians in the industry.

Rennie says of his show, "Back when I was just getting started, I was very fortunate to meet a handful of folks who took an interest in me and mentored me on the ways of the real music business, lessons you could not learn in a book or in a classroom, taught to me by grisly veterans who had learned by doing. The knowledge they imparted to me was invaluable and had a huge impact on my career in the music business.  I never forgot what they did and vowed 35 years ago that given the opportunity, I would do for other people what they had done for me.”

Having already invested personal funds to support the production and development of Renman Live, Rennie is looking to source the necessary funds needed to cover the production costs for the fourth season of Renman Live by offering experiential packages. Packages that include 1 on 1 Skype conversations with Rennie, backstage passes to the show, spending the day in Rio or Lima Peru while with Incubus allowing you to be manager for a day and more.

For more on the Indiegogo campaign, visit Renman Music & Business Indiegogo.

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