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InkSpot: Carnifex Vocalist Scott Lewis Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

InkSpot: Carnifex Vocalist Scott Lewis Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

“I don’t get tattoos to present some image of myself to somebody else,” says Scott Lewis, vocalist for the deathcore group Carnifex. “They’re just for me, so they’re not gonna make sense to anybody but me.”

Lewis is nevertheless happy to oblige us in talking about his ink, which he has been getting since he was 16. In the years since he’s become a professional musician, though, he’s had to to take a break from going under the needle.

“I’d like to finish all the unfinished stuff I have,” he says. “Being in a metal band means you don’t make any money. So unless there are tattooists that wanna do it for free—which there aren’t—it just is what it is, until I go back to working.” - Anna Blumenthal

1. The Chances We Take
“A lot of my tattoos deal with everyday life. You know, you quit that good job and you go out on tour, and you don’t know how it’s gonna work out, but that’s just life, making decisions and taking chances. I got this one almost six years ago, before every other guy in a band had throat tattoos,” he laughs.

2. Bettie Page
“A buddy of mine was apprenticing and I had some space so we went at it. It’s not finished, obviously—it’s been lines for, like, five and a half years. I just think she’s pretty and I’ve been looking at her pictures ever since I was growing up. Everyone thinks she’s doing something… She just has her hands in her lap! It’s a little ambiguous, ’cause it’s just lines, but if you saw the photo it’s copied from, you see her hands are just in her lap.”

3. Cradle Of Filth, Cruelty And The Beast, Special Edition Cover Art
“Cradle of Filth are one of my favorite bands, and that record in particular is one of my favorite records. That record has had a lot of influence on me musically. Plus that cover art is amazing.”

4. Only Love Can Fill The Void
“Those are lyrics by [now-defunct Christian hardcore band] Strongarm. When I was getting into heavy music, they were one of the early bands I heard. The angel saving somebody is just a representation of love.”

5. Stay True And Lost In Love
“I’m straightedge, so ‘Stay True’ is a representation of that. My knuckles say ‘Lost in Love.’ The reason I got it like that is because it can be Lost Love or Lost In Love, just as easy. It comes and goes.”

6. Unashamed/This Is Conviction
“‘This is Conviction’ are Hatebreed lyrics off the Perseverance record. I’m not really a hardcore fan but there are a couple hardcore bands out there that are amazing, Hatebreed being one of them. And that Perseverance album is just awesome. You can’t listen to that record and not feel inspired. It’s the best hardcore record ever written, in my opinion. The ‘Unashamed’ with the three X’s is a hardcore piece. I got sober in April 2004 and in December I made the commitment to take on the three-X symbol for straightedge and everything that goes with it.”

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