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InkSpot: Every Time I Die Vocalist Keith Buckley Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

InkSpot: Every Time I Die Vocalist Keith Buckley Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

Keith Buckley's tattoos matche his personality. "I'm a complete scatterbrain," confesses the vocalist of hardcore stalwarts Every Time I Die. "I guess that's reflected in the idea that I have meaningless tattoos."

While Buckley's tattoos may lack some meaning, his band's most recent album, 'From Parts Unknown,' certainly doesn't. "A lot of this album was addressing old topics and how I was completely wrong about a lot of things," Buckley says. "It sounds weird to say that there are positive lyrics, but I definitely think that there are."

Here, in an interview by Anna Blumenthal, the vocalist shares some of his favorite tattoos with Revolver.

1. Japanese sleeve
"This is from an old Japanese story where about a lady who fell in love with a monk. Her love was unrequited, and she was so angry that she turned into this snake monster and sought him out, and he hid under a bell. She wrapped herself around the bell and started beating it with a hammer and destroyed it, and the bell exploded and he died underneath. It's about pursuing something to the point that you actually destroy what you're after."

2. Spock
"This is Mr. Spock's head on a lawn chair. He's dreaming--he's on vacation, obviously--and he gets to thinking about what he would look like with a mustache. But then he realizes he can never grow a mustache, so there's a little tear. My friend Dave Cavalcante did this one. I was looking through his book and he had a portrait of Leonard Nimoy and I was like, 'Let's do that!' And then things just snowballed. We Thought, 'We'll do his head, and then his head will be on vacation, he'll be daydreaming...what should he be daydreaming about?' We had all sorts of ideas. We were going to fill in the bubble with hot dogs, or something like that--all the things that I love--but it just ended up being him with a mustache."

3. Maury
I'm an enormous Maury Povich fan. He's synonymous with paternity tests. He just seems to have no idea what's going on. It's fucking awesome. Maury has the real white trash, the kind that get excited about babies because that means more money coming tot hem. I fell like there's nothing more indicative of how terrible the human race is than 'The Maury Show.' It reminds me every day why I'm in music, because of people like that who are really ruining it for everybody.

4. "Amor Fati"
This is a Nietzsche quote. It means 'Love Your Fate.' It's just the idea of being really happy with where you're at and not always thinking that there's a next best thing. Just appreciate what you've got.

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