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InkSpot: Madball Vocalist Freddy Cricien Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

InkSpot: Madball Vocalist Freddy Cricien Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

Freddy Cricien has been serving as the vocalist for New York hardcore stalwarts Madball for over two decades. In that time, he's clearly accumulated many tattoos. Here, he shares his favorites with Revolver.

Madball recently released its eighth studio album, 'Hardcore Lives,' and it features a slew of guests including Terror's Scott Vogel, H2O's Toby Morse, Shai Hulud's Chad Gilbert, and wrestler CM Punk.

1. Son's name
"This is one of my more recent tats and is my favorite. My son is my world! He's my main man! I wanted to get it big and bold and that was a nice empty spot for it. The work is clean and really well done. The artist is Adam Warmerdam from Dark Horse Tattoo studios in Los Angeles. He came as a reference from my friend Juan Puente, who is also a great tattoo artist in his own right and has done work on my biceps.  Adam ended up killing it!"

2. Knight slaying the devil
"The symbolism of the piece to me is about fighting your inner demons and 'evil' elements around me/us in general. This one was done by an old friend, Chris Garver, who has done many of my pieces. Chris grew up in Pittsburgh with Will Shepler, Madball's original drummer and one of my oldest friends. When Chris moved to NYC and was just starting out there, we were all his 'canvases.' It was a win-win for everyone! He got instant clientele and we got great art for next to nothing--compared to these days. Some of the older generation was not as fortunate when it came to being human 'guinea pigs.'  They got 'Charley the Hacker' and we got Chris Garver! Ha.. He would go on to be a really well-known artist."

3. Virgin Mary
"I have a lot of religious/Catholic art. I grew up Catholic so that art/symbolism/culture was ingrained in me early on. My 'religious' views have changed some and I don't really follow the Catholic Church in that way anymore. That being said, I am still fond of the art and have respect for some of the cultural aspects. It's beautiful art so I don't regret it really. It was a symbol of those times. I was in a constant battle between heaven and hell--and still am sometimes. This piece was done by my homie, Mike Ledger, one of the best in the game in my opinion and sometimes underrated."

4. Angel on shield
"Probably my newest, and maybe that's why I dig it? That, and the fact that it’s well done and has cool symbolism to me. There's an angel with a blank expression, who seems to be mourning as she sit on a lion, a shield. It's actually inspired by a statue I saw in Florence, Italy, which I believe  was a memorial piece a tribute to fallen soldiers or warriors. The artist is Tim Hendricks."

5. "Cricien"
"That was one of my first tattoos ever. It's not the prettiest but certainly done in the grittiest manner. My boy MQUE who's a legendary graff head, was starting to tattoo and of course a few of us became his human 'guinea pigs.' We did it in [Madball bass player] Hoya's basement in Corona, Queens, and it took forever! By far the most painful but that's probably because after hours of tattooing my man realized the needle was set too deep and wasn't actually lined up correctly. [Laughs] I think he was tattooing my organs and I'll never let him live that down. He did finally figure it out and end up doing some cool stuff. I believe he's delving back into that world actually."

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