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InkSpot: Pierce the Veil's Mike Fuentes Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

InkSpot: Pierce the Veil's Mike Fuentes Shows Off His Favorite Tattoos

When he was 17 and still in high school, Pierce the Veil drummer Mike Fuentes got his first tattoo: a heart with an “X” through it, which was the logo of his first band, Underminded. From that point on, the San Diego native was hooked. Finishing high school and getting a job working at his father’s contracting company further fueled his passion. “I would take my paycheck and go straight to the tattoo shop and spend it,” he recalls. “I had a second job working at the gift shop at the House of Blues, so that meant I had even more money for badass tattoos.”

Some of Fuentes ink is meaningful, like the “Madre” and “Padre” on his hands. “My mom and dad have supported me and my brother [Pierce the Veil frontman Vic Fuentes] for all these years,” Mike says. “We couldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for them.” Most of his tats, however, reflect a very different love—for fantasy and horror.

“A lot of my tattoos are traditional new-school style, but I put a lot of old-school horror elements to them. So the snake’s got pieces missing and you can see the inside of the scales on the body. I’m really scared a snakes, too, so having one on my arm eases my fear of them a little.”

Evil Dead
“I had a buddy in high school who showed me the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then I started getting into Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. Evil Dead became one of my favorite movies and that fit perfectly on my knuckles.”

Harry Potter
“I’m a big Harry Potter head. The guitar player of The Devil Wears Prada, Chris Rubey, did that. He had only been tattooing for two months and he had never done a portrait. But we went on their bus and he did his first portrait and it came out awesome.”

Heart and Drum Snakes
“We were driving to a show in Houston—I had met a tattoo artist there on the previous tour. He hit me up the night before the show and said, ‘Hey, if you wanna come by and get tattooed, I can get you in early in the morning before you have to load in.” We had an eight-hour drive and I had to be in the shop by 11 a.m. I took the whole night shift and drove straight to his shop. He blasted the whole thing out.”

Bat Goblin
“Originally, the bat had his feet wrapped around a branch and I said, ‘Hey, isn’t it weird that he’s hanging from a random branch that’s not going around my arm? Can you just chop his feet off and make it look bloody?’ And that’s exactly what we did.”

Zombie Jesus and Mary
“I was raised Catholic and then I saw all that shit happen with churches becoming corrupt. Me and my family stopped going to church. I still pray. I like Jesus. I don’t know what I think about Mary anymore. I just thought it was awesome to turn them into zombies and put them on my neck.”

Skull and Antlers
“I love Rob Zombie’s horror movies and one of the characters in one of the House of 1000 Corpses films had a tattoo similar to that but it was lower, underneath his belly button. I did that when I was 22. I was so excited to get tattoos back then, I didn’t even think about the pain, and now every time I get a tattoo, I just want to cry.”

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