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Interview: Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop Talks Crotch Splits, Onstage Injury, and Bringing the Roof Down—Literally

Interview: Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop Talks Crotch Splits, Onstage Injury, and Bringing the Roof Down—Literally

As part of our coverage of this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, Revolver caught up with many of this year's performing bands for our June/July 2014 issue, on newsstands now, to ask about the occupation hazards that go along with touring. Here, writer Jon Wiederhorn interviews Asking Alexandria about all the mayhem.

“I hate myself right now because I’m catastrophically hungover,” Danny Worsnop says. “I just did poop No. 8 of the morning, and I’ve only been awake for an hour.”

That being the case, it’s an average day for the Asking Alexandria vocalist, who seems to live in a perpetual cycle of shitfaced and hungover. For anyone who assumed that his band’s bad-boy attitude and debauched hijinks were a promotional stunt, the group has, in fact, trashed enough venues, tossed enough punches, and crashed enough vehicles to serve as poster children for mayhem. And yet, despite the devastation left in their wake, Asking Alexandria have been insanely prolific.

Since 2009, the band has released three full-lengths, a remix album, and an EP, and Worsnop will drop the debut album from his hard-rock side project WeAreHarlot later this year, while guitarist Ben Bruce is both currently working on a solo record. In addition, Asking Alexandria have penned five new songs, which should be released as part of a reissue of 2013’s From Death to Destiny; the package will also include a DVD of their last London show. And they’ve started writing for their next studio album.

“We’re all very serious about everything we’re doing,” Worsnop says. “We feeling really good—except right now, I honestly feel like shit.”

REVOLVER What was the worst stage mishap you’ve experienced?
DANNY WORSNOP We’ve had many wardrobe malfunctions. The worst one was somewhere in upstate New York at a daytime festival last year. My pants ripped right down to the crotch. I had no underwear on so the entire crowd got heavily dicked—full cock and balls.

What’s your most memorable onstage injury?
In 2010, we were at the Whisky-a-Go-Go in L.A. I stomped on the stage and twisted my ankle and tore all the ligaments around my ankle. I continued to play for an hour and a half and then got rushed straight to the hospital. They gave me a bunch of pain meds and put a cast on it. Then I went straight to a party and got way hammered, which helped the pain a little.

What’s the most destruction you’ve seen from a crowd?
We were in Georgia in 2012 at a piece-of-shit venue with a low ceiling. The power kept going out. So we got everyone to kneel down and then jump up, and when they jumped, they all grabbed the ceiling and literally tore the roof off the venue. I remember telling them, “Just grab something and don’t let go until it ain’t there anymore.” But that was an expensive night. We had to pay for all the damage.

Have any venues sought retribution for your acts of destruction?
At one show in 2009, also somewhere in Georgia, someone from the venue cut the brake cables on our RV because we pissed them off so bad. Beforehand, they told us we couldn’t cuss or drink onstage. Obviously, I don’t take kindly to being told I’m not allowed to do things so I did it way more. And someone from the club decided to cut our brake cables to get back at us. One of our crew guys saw it and told us. It was a Christian venue, too—that wasn’t very Christian of them. We could have gotten killed if we tried to drive away in the RV without brakes.

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