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Interview: Blessthefall's Beau Bokan Gives Update from the Studio

Interview: Blessthefall's Beau Bokan Gives Update from the Studio

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by Jon Wiederhorn

Since joining Blessthefall for their second album, 2009’s 'Witness,' vocalist Beau Bokan has endeavored to inject genuine emotional turbulence into the band’s music. Now, six years down the line, his group is thriving, he’s happily married to electro-pop singer Lights and the couple has an 18-month-old daughter. In other words, Bokan isn’t feeling too emotionally distraught these days.

So, for Blessthefall’s fifth album, 'To Those Left Behind,' the singer based his lyrics around themes pulled from his favorite revenge and horror films. To add some emotional heft, he also tapped into the personal feelings of loneliness and despair he experiences while on the road.

“When I’m away from my family, I actually go into this crazy depression,” Bokan says. “It’s so upsetting to think that that something I love so much, like music, takes me away from something I love even more. Dealing with that allowed me to reach the really dark place I needed to be in for these songs.”

Guitarists Elliott Gruenberg and Eric Lambert started writing songs for 'To Those Left Behind' about a year ago. By May they had 18 new demos ready and headed to Rochester Hills, Michigan, to record with Joey Sturgis at 37 Studios.

They narrowed that batch down to 11 songs for the album, and Bokan describes the result as a “natural evolution” from 2013’s 'Hollow Bodies,' but with more electronic samples, pianos and strings. “Joey’s so good at making that stuff sound tasteful,” Bokan says. “The guitar tones are so heavy and the music is so frantic that when the interludes come in, they give the listener a moment to breathe.”

While the members of Blessthefall were finishing up the music for the album with Sturgis, Bokan was in Los Angeles working on vocals with producer Erik Ron.

“He made me do parts over and over until I felt like my head was going to explode,” Bokan says. “But he got the best stuff out of me that I’ve ever done. I think if something on your record wasn’t absolutely miserable to do, you haven’t grown as an artist.”

Look for 'To Those Left Behind' this September.

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