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Interview: Brian "Head" Welch on Rejoining Korn for Two Shows in Germany this Summer

Interview: Brian

On January 22, Brian "Head" Welch will release the debut album, Between Here & Lost, from his new band, Love and Death, in which he sings as well as plays his longtime instrument, guitar. In even bigger news, Welch (pictured above, second from right, with the members of Korn) will be rejoining his former Korn bandmates onstage in the summer of 2013 for two shows at Germany's Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park festivals. Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer (second from left) recently expressed optimism about the reunion with Welch being of a more permanent nature. "He's our brother, to be able to have him onstage with us is a great thing," he said to Loudwire. "He's one of the members of the band that helped define this sound." Now we talk to Welch about the reunion.

REVOLVER Are you excited to get back together with Korn for June’s Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park shows?
BRIAN "HEAD" WELCH Yes, because separating with them was a big deal. It was hard, they were my family. I grew up with them. And right when we met, we were smoking weed, drinking beer. And so we basically found a career doing that: We just did drugs and drank and did music for the next years and years. So we all got addicted and had relationships and we all turned into people we didn’t like.

How did the reunion come together?
Last year, I ended up at the Carolina Rebellion show. Evanescence played, and I had gone with P.O.D., because I was on tour with them. Korn was playing. I was just going to go say hi to them. I saw Munky, and we talked for a long time. It was the first time we talked in seven years. He’s sober now and everyone’s in a good place. They asked me to jam with them [on the song "Blind"] five minutes before the show. I was like, This was supposed to be the first time I was gonna watch Korn. I was going to go to the soundboard and everything. But I was like, "All right I’ll do it." And I felt this connection. It was all positive. When I left Korn, there was all this negative crap everywhere. I went home and thought, That was a cool experience. So Munky called me a little bit later about reuniting [for the shows in Germany]. I told him I didn’t think it was the right time, but maybe later. Then I thought about it more and I called him back. I had so much fun jamming I said, "Let’s do it." It’s a couple shows. I want to connect with the fans. It is the right time. We’re just going slow right now. We’re just gonna do those couple shows and see what happens. Just have a good time.

Have you been jamming together since then?
We’re gonna get together and jam soon. I definitely need to practice those old songs I haven’t played in seven years. We’ll all get together soon here.

What are you looking forward to playing with the guys?
I’m looking forward to many of them. There are a couple of songs on the first album where me and Jonathan [Davis, Korn's frontman] sang together: “Ball Tongue” and “Lies.” I’m looking forward to doing those two songs with them. Hopefully, they’ll be cool with it. And “Falling Away,” “Freak on a Leash,” those big songs back in the day. To see the crowd go crazy on those songs is awesome. I’m really looking forward to it.

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