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Interview: Stone Sour's Corey Taylor on His Favorite Tracks from House of Gold & Bones Part 2

Interview: Stone Sour's Corey Taylor on His Favorite Tracks from <em>House of Gold & Bones Part 2</em>

Stone Sour recently announced details of their headlining slot of the first-ever Revolver “Road to the Golden Gods” Tour presented by Epiphone & Drum Workshop. Supporting Stone Sour will be hard rockers In This Moment and Hell or Highwater. The dates get underway April 2 at the State Theatre in Portland, ME and culminate with a performance at the 5th Annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards presented by Epiphone® on May 2 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

Stone Sour are streaming their new album, House of Gold & Bones Part 2, in its entirety at their official website, The record arrives everywhere on April 9. Preorders for House of Gold & Bones Part 2 are available on iTunes now.

Below, frontman Corey Taylor talks about his favorite tracks on the new album. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Red City”
“Roy [Mayorga, drums] demoed it back when we were doing Audio Secrecy. We toyed with it, but we couldn’t give it the attention it deserved so we put it on the back burner. It’s such a different kind of song for us, atmospheric and melancholy, but with this shocking, brutal section in the middle that’s kind of like Neurosis. It sets up the beginning of the end of the story. At the end of House of Gold & Bones Part 1, the hero, the human, comes to out of this crazy dream. He’s in the clutches of the bad guys, the Numbers, and it really marks the beginning of the end of the story.”

“The Uncanny Valley”
“It started out with me hitting the wrong chord on a guitar, and it had such a great vibe to it that I ended up turning what I came up with into the main riff for the song. The song’s about fighting off pessimism and trying to reach for positivity and being brave enough to make a decision and stick with it.”

“Do Me a Favor”
“The song was much bluesier when we first put it together and our producer, David Bottrill, said, ‘I’m not sure if this enhances the album.’ So Josh [Rand, guitar] and Jim [Root, guitar] shredded it up and gave it a much darker edge that made the choruses explode in a wonderful way. When I heard it, I started writing the character of Alan, who is this snarky asshole, into the story. He creates this sense of cynicism and mocks the positivity that has been building up at that point in the story.”

“The House of Gold & Bones 2”

“That was the last song we wrote. We had everything else and we knew we needed that period at the end of the sentence. The great thing about it is it ends ambiguously. The main character has made his decision but it’s unclear what it is. The important thing is that he stood his ground and hopefully he’s happier because of it, but I wanted to leave it in the hands of listeners to decide what choice he has made.” AS TOLD TO JON WIEDERHORN

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