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Interview: Dez Fafara Talks Coal Chamber Reunion, Next DevilDriver Album, Project with Lamb of God's Mark Morton, and More with Jose Mangin

Interview: Dez Fafara Talks Coal Chamber Reunion, Next DevilDriver Album, Project with Lamb of God's Mark Morton, and More with Jose Mangin

On August 13, DevilDriver and Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara called into SiriusXM Liquid Metal (channel 40) and spoke with host Jose Mangin. For those of you who missed the interview, or for fans who want to revisit their chat, we've posted highlights below. Fafara discussed the just-announced Coal Chamber reunion, his plans for the next DevilDriver album, Knotfest, his project with Mark Morton of Lamb of God, and more. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

JOSE MANGIN Coal Chamber is getting back to do a new album in 2015, man--that is a pretty cool thing, Dez.
DEZ FAFARA Really cool. You know, over the years we just started talking and hanging out, and from there we decided to take it around the world and on a tour, and it went really well. Everywhere we would go crowds were coming out in force, and from there it would come to guys slipping me demoes silently, without anyone really knowing and I loved the stuff. It was evolved, we have evolved, and the music has evolved. And when I heard a couple of the songs I said, “Man, this could be legitimately really cool.” So we signed with Napalm Records, they’ll be our partner in this. The guys have been writing solid, they’ve been writing for a month now, I got two more songs last night so we have nine, looking to write 25 and then narrow it down a little with Mark Lewis producing. They’re looking to track in October and I’m tracking vocals in November and we’re hoping to be done, mixed, and mastered in January and get it out to people next year.

MANGIN Good news because I remember how excited fans were when Coal Chamber did come back recently on that big tour. It’s a good thing all you guys are coming back and DevilDriver is obviously still your No. 1 band, right?
FAFARA Oh, absolutely, that’s my baby. The record is still performing well on the charts. Thanks to everybody for coming out to our last shows--the shows that we did were killer. The Whitechapel run was incredible, and we’re getting ready to go to Australia with Whitechapel in September and the we’re going to come back and play the Knotfest in California, with DevilDriver, and we’re going to end the 'Winter Kills' cycle there and regroup and hope for a record in 2016.

MANGIN That’s perfect. I was stoked for all the bands on that fest--this is the biggest metal fest that has been in the U.S. There has been nothing bigger and more concentrated for metal music before.
FAFARA Congrats to the Knot for putting all of this together. It is a perfect place to start it, out here in Cali because they know it is going to come out with camping. I’m going to try to go to all the days with my kids and hang out. When they hit me, they wanted Coal Chamber to do one day and DevilDriver to do the next, but Coal Chamber was going to be in recording so I couldn’t say anything. It’s going to be incredible. I hope they end up taking this thing around the U.S., for a summer--it’d be great to go somewhere for three days, camp, and go somewhere else, you know how it is overseas? It’s genius. You go to Download and these other festivals and everyone is camping out. It is a really cool vibe.

MANGIN The camping part of the fest sold out already!
FAFARA Well, it’s a smart idea--all the European festivals do it. When you get tired, you get to go to your trailer and hang out and then watch some more bands. I think it’s just real smart and I’m glad to be part of it”

MANGIN Dez, what about the project with Mark Morton from Lamb of God?
FAFARA This is something that happened years ago, and I let Mark be in charge of it over the course of time. It’s kind of nice to just sing for a project. I may not talk to him for weeks, and he’ll call me and say, “Hey, let's release this.” And about a month ago, he released a track called “Secrets,” which is the first track we recorded for the Born of the Storm stuff. It was just really fun to do it, and the time we did it in, it was much needed for us to do something different. I love all the guys from Lamb of God so I loved doing that with him.

MANGIN So what else are you planning?
FAFARA What I’m really trying to do the most is to be a family man right now. I’m trying to be normal at this point, but that being said, I got hit by Brock from 36 Crazyfists, my Alaska brother, and he is getting something together for a Fuck Cancer thing, getting a ton of musicians together, and he wants to do a record with all the benefits going to cancer victims. For people who know me, I did a song called “Dark Meadowlark“ for my sister who survived cancer, my mom went through it, so if I’m home, I can lay a track at my studio in a few days, so hopefully that comes through when I’m home.

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