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Interview: Get Involved! Guitarist Todd Weinstock on the New Band Featuring Members of Thursday, From Autumn to Ashes, Glassjaw, and Judge

Interview: Get Involved! Guitarist Todd Weinstock on the New Band Featuring Members of Thursday, From Autumn to Ashes, Glassjaw, and Judge

It was recently announced that members from beloved bands Thursday, From Autumn to Ashes, Glassjaw, and Judge had come together to form a new band called Get Involved! with plans to record their debut EP with famed producer Ross Robinson (Korn, Sepultura, At the Drive In, Glassjaw) in the coming months with the support of fans via Kickstarter.

Inspired by their shared influences of punk, hardcore, new wave, and metal, Get Involved!--Brian Deneeve (From Autumn to Ashes), Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw), Tucker Rule (Thursday), Lars Weiss (Judge), and Derrick Karg--came together to create an entirely new group, unlike any of their previous endeavors, resulting in a sound that’s dark and heavy yet accessible and memorable.

Fans are invited to support Get Involved!’s Kickstarter Campaign. Below, Weinstock talks about the new band, its music, and why they decided to turn directly to the fans to help make it all happen.

REVOLVER What motivated them all to come together to make this band? How did this project come to fruition?
TODD WEINSTOCK Our love of hardcore and heavy music. I toured with Brian and Tucker, and since then, we always talked about doing a band together. I actually started jamming with Lars about a year ago or so for fun. One by one, we started adding friends and now we are ready to share what we have been quietly working on. It's gonna rip!

How has the industry and scene changed from when you first started music full time?
The music industry has changed so much in the last decade, even in the last two years. [Laughs] I don't know where to start.The audience and the way they consume music also has changed. Majors are less important and there are some great indies doing unique and outside the box approaches in tackling the ever changing music-consuming world. We, as a band, decided this would be a great way to try something different and also give back to the people who were kind enough to support us in the past. Scenes come and go. I think there is some interesting things happening all over the nation and world. Especially Saint Vitus in Greenpoint. Check that place out if you're in the neighborhood.

Why do crowd-funding?
With crowd-funding, it give us another option to the old way.We get to put out this EP, our way. We are involved every step of the way in this EP's creation, from the color of the vinyl to the producer and packaging. Our fans who pledge are able to get unique and limited experiences that you would not normally have the access to, as well as the music. The listener has always been important and now more than ever. Especially with crowd-funding, they are involved in helping create this piece of art. We are aware that we would not be here without the support of our listeners. We appreciate that and we plan on delivering a killer EP.

What are some of the incentives for people to pledge?
When we choose to do this project we wanted to make everything the best it could be. The number we came up with included everything that goes into making an EP: Designers to create the art, pressing and packing of the vinyl, making the CDs, shipping and then throw the mixing/mastering and recording costs in. There is many places you can spend your money, we wanted to make sure if you spent it with us that you were getting its worth and some. Some of the incentives for fans backing the project including interning for Ross Robinson while we record the EP, a writing session with members from the band, basement/garage party performance, and a custom song written by the band and produced by Ross. Other packages up for grabs include digital download of the new EP, limited-edition 7” vinyl, signed swag, thank yous in liner notes, limited-edition silkscreen posters, listening parties, music lessons, and backstage meet-and-greets.

How did Ross become involved with this project?
He worked on the first two Glassjaw albums. We stayed in touch. I had an amazing experience and always wanted to work with him again. With this project it just seemed to click right off the bat. We are excited to get in there and create something powerful, new, and unique.

Describe the writing process.
The writing process has been pretty democratic. Everyone brings something to the table. Maybe Lars or I have a part, and then Tucker finds a beat and Derrick finds a vocal melody and starts writing lyrics, and we flesh it out from there. Brian is really good at structure and arrangement, but we all have a voice in the process. The best idea wins.

What are your influences?
I think we each bring separate influences to the band, but one influence in particular, brought us together, and that's hardcore. From there, we branched out and really allowed ourselves to acknowledge our other musical influences, like '80s new wave, punk, pop. and metal.

What plans do you have after the EP?
We plan on touring at some point this summer. Maybe go out on another run or 2 before the year is over and then try to write over the winter. With hopes of recording a full length next year.

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