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Interview: Get Scared Guitarist Johnny B Talks New Album Everybody's Out to Get Me

Interview: Get Scared Guitarist Johnny B Talks New Album <em>Everybody's Out to Get Me</em>

After going through lineup and record-label changes, Get Scared is back and better than ever with their first studio album in two years, Everyone's Out to Get Me. The band entered the studio early this year after the return of their original vocalist, Nicholas Matthews. The album, which is set to hit stores on November 11, is their first record since being signed to Fearless Records. Get Scared will be on tour in support of the new album from October 26 through November 24. We recently spoke with the band's guitarist, Johnny B, about Everyone's Out to Get Me and what it has been like working with Matthews again.

REVOLVER How has the vibe been within the band since Nick rejoined?
Johnny B The morale has been awesome. Everything, all the drama that happened in the past year, was almost needed. Not saying that we took it for granted, but you get used to each other, and you don't appreciate each other as much because you're always around. Then that little split we had gave us a lot of time to really learn to appreciate each other and that we need each other in our lives. When he came back, it was like this epic thing. There was a part missing, and now it's filled again. The morale has been through the roof. We've been writing, and we're motivated. We're there for each other like family. We've known each other for most of our lives. We really couldn't be happier right now. Everything is going super, super good.

I saw Get Scared live last December. When you guys were on stage together again, the chemistry between you guys was very apparent.
Awesome, thank you so much! Our first show back live was, like, euphoric. It was like, This is how it needs to be. A lot of people, once someone leaves a band, you don't get an opportunity to get back to together or share what they had before. Something definitely happened in our favor where we're lucky, and we realize we're lucky. We're going to  hold onto it very strongly!

Can you tell us a little bit about the writing process of Everyone's Out to Get Me?
The writing process was pretty much right after Nick got back in the band. We did a tour and went straight into the studio. We hardly had material to go into the studio with, so most of the writing was in the studio while we were recording. We would record songs, and it was like, "What will go good here?" Kind of writing as we were recording. It was definitely challenging at times, but it was the funnest time I've ever had recording an album. I think I speak for all of us, on that, at least. We all got along, and the excitement was right there because it was right when Nick got back in the band. We worked very well together. We recorded, like, 12 songs, and we didn't even have to cut anything. The label came in, and they loved it. We all loved it. We were like, "Every single song we wrote we're putting on the album because we love them all!" It was definitely fun and, for the most part, easy. We got stuck on certain things, but even when we did get stuck, we worked it out really fast. It was a pretty smooth process.

How have fans been reacting to the album's first single, "Told Ya So"?
So far, I think it's really good. I'm usually the guy that's always online checking how things are going, and so far, it's been phenomenal. We already broke over 100,000 views on our lyric video that we have. We just posted that a week and a half or two weeks ago. It's definitely getting spread around. People are talking about it. There's a lot of positive comments, and people are like, "Get Scared is back!" We've seen that comment repeated all over the place, and it feels good to see that. Obviously, after Nick was gone, we went in a different direction and it didn't feel right. Now Nick's back and we feel like we're back stronger than ever, and to see fans saying that and seeing that and saying, "Get Scared is back! I'm so excited!" it just feels good to have that. I think they're almost as excited as we are! At least I hope so! It seems like they are.

Do you have a favorite song off the album?
Yeah, I actually have a few, but I would say my No. 1 favorite would probably be either "Told Ya So" or "The Strangest Stranger."  Probably "Told Ya So" just because it has a really sassy vibe to it. It's really upbeat. But "The Strangest Stranger" is one of my favorites. It's a very good song. It's hard to pick a favorite because I'm just gonna name the whole album if I keep going. I'll just go with "Told Ya So."

Going back to last year when Get Scared worked with vocalist Joel Faviere on the Built for Blame, Laced with Shame EP, your style did change a bit, as you mentioned earlier. Did that style go into the new album at all?
It did, but not as a group. I think it's just in the guitar work. That's just us growing as musicians. You grow. You learn new guitar things. You write differently and grow. That's basically what we did. Obviously, Built for Blame is a little heavier. We wrote them to complement what Joel would sing about, and did it that way and that's why it sounds that way. We still had the same writing style with or without Joel or Nick though. Then Nick came in and we just wrote them to compliment Nick's voice and Nick's writing. It's just the process of our band being a band for that amount of time and writing new music.

Get Scared will be on tour through most of November. What can fans expect to hear? More new songs or old songs? How about anything off of Built for Blame, Laced with Shame?
No, I don't know if we'll ever do anything off of Built for Blame. I know some fans want to hear it. We wouldn't feel right performing it. When Joel was in the band, we performed some old Get Scared songs, and he always felt weird about it. I think he had fun, but it's weird performing someone else's song. We just think that we should leave those songs for those people and move on with our own stuff. The earlier stuff that's not Nick, I wouldn't want to because I wouldn't even know what the emotions would be when he got up there because they're not his lyrics. So, we're just gonna do a few old Get Scared songs with Nick, and then it's actually going to be more new songs than old songs on this tour. We've been playing the same songs for a long time. We're excited to play some new stuff. I think we're playing four new songs. A lot of new stuff.

What do you see happening in the future for Get Scared?
A lot of touring! We're going to do this tour, and then during the winter, everything is gonna settle down unfortunately because no one really tours when it snows that much. A crap load of touring after this winter, and we're trying to get on Warped Tour right now. If we could get on that, it'd be awesome! We're definitely going to be busier than we've been in a long time.

Is there anything that you'd like to say to Get Scared fans?
We've been through hell and back in our career, and anyone who has followed us knows that. We couldn't be more appreciative of everyone who has stood by our side. It's the only thing at that time that helped us stay a fuckin' band. We owe everything to our fans. I know a lot of bands say stuff like that, but we really do! All I can really say is how grateful we are. No matter how discouraged you get in life, fuckin' stick to your dreams. If you put your heart into something, something good will eventually happen. We're living proof of that.

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