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Interview: Magrudergrind Talk Touring, New Material, and Street Art

Interview: Magrudergrind Talk Touring, New Material, and Street Art

D.C. natives Magrudergrind have been pummeling their brand of grindcore across the globe since forming in 2002. However, the trio are about to embark on a tour through more familiar haunts, up and down the East Coast, alongside Despise You. Right before heading out on the road, frontman Avi Kulawy spoke to Revolver about the tour, how the D.C. music scene has changed, and their passion for street art.

REVOLVER You’ve recently done a bunch of shows over in Europe. What are you looking forward to most about touring the East Coast again?
AVI KULAWY Seeing all our friends up and down the coast. We haven’t played Florida in years and I’m really excited for this. Stoked to hit up the beach down there and also stoked to eat some good Carolina BBQ.

What should people expect at your upcoming shows with Despise You?
Expect it to be rowdy. The "grind entourage" is gonna bring the brutality in the form of noise and party.

You will be playing with a lot of other cool bands at various dates. What bands are you looking forward to playing with most and why?
There are so many… I’m really eager to play with Floor and Suppression in their respective hometowns, Florida and Richmond. Getting the chance to see these bands jam in the home-turf is going to be epic. We’re also playing with a bunch of our friend’s bands including Shitstorm, Defeatist, Asshole Parade, Backslider, Cannabis Corpse, Callous, Primate, Cellgraft, Man Will Destroy Himself, Draize, etc. Looking forward to seeing all of them.

Are you working on any new music?
We’re writing new material for our next full-length record. It’s coming along relatively slow, but moving forward nonetheless. Since I moved to Brooklyn and we all picked up concentrating on the other parts of lives when we’re not touring, writing has become somewhat complicated. That said, we’re hoping to further marginalize ourselves with it sometime in 2012.

Since you’re back in a home mindset, how have you seen D.C. change—musically or otherwise—since you started up?
As I previously mentioned, Brooklyn is my home now. But that makes this question more relevant because when I go back to D.C. I can track the changes more so than others who live there though. Aside from the endless supply of straightedge hardcore bands and false activism, the scene is changing as a result of the venue supplies diminishing. The D.C. area is about to lose, in my skewed opinion, one of the most important houses that has hosted shows in the area for some years. The Corpse Fortress in Silver Spring, Maryland, right outside D.C., is a venue that has hosted tons of touring bands from an extremely eclectic mix of genres. Many of my friends have lived, and still do live, there over the years. Magrudergrind has played there and they have had some of the craziest parties I can remember. It’s very unfortunate because this is yet another important asset being plucked from the already acute D.I.Y. music scene in the city. There are less and less small-scaled, D.I.Y. spots for bands to play and this is detrimental to keeping the D.I.Y. scene thriving.

Graffiti has always been a big part of Magrudergrind’s ethos. Have you gone “heavy bombing” lately?

I have not painted in some years. Graff and street art are as much an element of our music as the hip-hop samples we use. We all love hip-hop culture. By using imagery, samples, and lyrics we convey this interest in our aesthetic.

Magrudergrind/Despise You tour dates:

09/09  Washington, D.C., St. Stephens
09/10  Cambridge, MA, The Democracy Center *
09/11  Brooklyn, NY,  Shea Stadium ^
09/12  Philadelphia, PA, The Barbary w/ Backslider, Callous
09/13  Richmond, VA, Strange Matter %
09/14  Raleigh, NC, Kings
09/15  Atlanta, GA, WonderRoot #!
09/16  Tampa, FL, Transitions Art Gallery #
09/17  Gainesville, FL, The Atlantic #$

* = w/ Vaccine and more
^ = w/ Defeatist and more
% = w/ Suppression, Cannabis Corpse
# = w/ Shitstorm
#! = w/ Shitstorm and Primate
#$ = w/ Shitstorm, Floor, Asshole Parade

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