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Interview: Mushroomhead Break Down New Album 'The Righteous & the Butterfly' Track by Track

Interview: Mushroomhead Break Down New Album 'The Righteous & the Butterfly' Track by Track

Cleveland's Mushroomhead recently released their eighth studio album, 'The Righteous & the Butterfly,' and the band of masked miscreants in currently on the road as the part of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

Today, two of the group's vocalists, J Mann and Jeffrey Nothing, are sharing their thoughts on each of the tracks on the new record. Check out what they have to say below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

"Our Apologies"
J MANN This is the lead-off track off the album and a reclamation of sorts. It's also a statement to those who think we should feel guilt, shame or inferiority. It's a hard-driving song with a big hook and no regrets. I couldn't think of a better way to start off the bands rejuvenation. It's meant to silence those quick to judge and armed with stones.

"How Many Times"
J MANN This is one of those "glass houses" songs, which is basically a comment on a judgmental culture and it's fixation with tabloid sensationalism.

"Devils Be Damned"
J MANN This song is an observation of religious fanaticism and a cult/worship mentality. I'm all for worship, but when it's a blind agenda of control, it must be stopped.

JMANN As a band we've always been a fan of cinematic composers such as Angelo Badalementi and Danny Elfman. This song is definitely a nod to Elfman with it's twisted carnival vibe. Lyrically, it is about the cult of fear and how fear is being used to invoke false patriotism. Loyal as a dog on the lap of a bitch slap.

"Portraits of the Poor"
J MANN Mushroomhead always tried to incorporate a wide pallet musically to increase drama and tension. This song once again is a tip of that hat to our earlier releases which were full of piano-laden melodrama. Lyrically, it's a reflection of the human condition and the potential aftermath of the seeds we sew.

JEFFREY NOTHING This is a portrait of life taken from both sides. The person living the life and the people watching it unfold. What guides this mind, the dreams, perceptions, obstacles, and demise of ones self. Before after and in between. We all want so much, accept so little,  and reflect on what once was, or what might have been. Had we ever chosen to try, had we ever truly lived. Instead of keeping these thoughts, safely in our heads, as we slept.

"This Cold Reign"
JEFFREY NOTHING I perceived this as the tyrant, to be. Growing all at once in strength and insanity. Corruption coursing thru his veins as the soul dissipates. These once good people throwing right from wrong aside for this sickeningly wonderful, solitary prize. Turf never enough in size, populations made to minimize. What once was can never be again, a prisoner, a puppet King. Assassination, the only win.

"We Are the Truth"
JMANN This song talks about global militarization and the mask it wears to convince you that it truly has your best interest at heart. Jackie LaPonza, of the band Unsaid Fate, provides the quest vocal on this one. There are actually two additional versions of this one that appeared as a Best Buy exclusive.

"Son of 7"
J MANN Shredding guitars by Tommy Church an absolute blast to play live. Lots of fret board lots of energy.

"For Your Pleasure"
J MANN This song was an attempt at getting back to the roots of Mushroomhead. Reaching back to our earliest influences, musically, it definitely has a Faith No More vibe. It was also our first attempt at blending all three singers into one song. The song's working title was "Righteous" to serve as a tribute to our original guitarist JJ. Lyrically, this is an address to all the wounds, scars, and bruises one goes through both physically and emotionally and the fortitude to overcome them all.

"Worlds Collide"
JEFFREY NOTHING This one is an act from that great tragedy, the play called "Humankind." We all bleed and are doing so with rapid fire regularity. Suicide bombings promise the driver everything they could ever want in the afterlife. All they have to do is die. Taking however many unlucky souls along for the ride. Drawing as much attention as possible to their cause. At whatever the cost.

"Graveyard Du Jour"
JEFFREY NOTHING Let's all pray for the prey in the "Graveyard of the day." We the People... To many, we are disposable. In which ever way it happens. So many things are designed with thinning the herd in mind. Life expectancy changes with each new day and age. Whether on the front lines or home safe inside your cage. Your time is ticking,  rapidly away.

"Out of My Mind"
J MANN This is the song we just shot a new video for. It's about the unraveling of the American Dream. A magnifying glass on the apathy and disinterest in anything that's not seen on TV or sold at the mall.

"Rumor Has It"
JEFFREY NOTHING We wanted to do a cover and we also wanted to completely reinvent the song we chose. I picture people saying, "How do I know this?" and then moving to our version, much more than the original one. This to me is the "cougar" take on what Adele made.

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