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Interview: Tantric's Hugo Ferreira Talks New Album, 37 Channels

Interview: Tantric's Hugo Ferreira Talks New Album, <i> 37 Channels </i>

While Tantric are gearing up for the September 17 release of their fifth studio album, 37 Channels, Revolver caught up with frontman Hugo Ferreira to talk about the new record, lyrical content, and guest musicians. Check out their new single "Mosquita" below for more on Tantric, visit their Facebook page.

REVOLVER Lyrically, what inspires your writing and what kind of messages or themes do you try to convey within your lyrics?
FERREIRA I write based on my current and life experiences, like most artists I suppose. Writing and playing music is cathartic and therapeutic for me, and much cheaper than a shrink. It’s the best way for me to process the often mixed and layered emotions of situations with several valid perspectives. Our existences are complicated. I think way too much about everything and it’s hard to shut off my brain. Through music I can make sense of my mental clutter and capture the nuances and emotions of my thoughts.

What did you do differently on this album that maybe you didn’t do on the last couple of releases?
That one is obvious--I invited an all-star cast to play on it! I thrive on collaborations so I took advantage of the vast talent pool of friends in the industry I had amassed over the years, and was lucky to have them all say yes. I consider myself a very well rounded musician because I can write music and lyrics, produce, sing, of course, and play several instruments, but ultimately I know when to recognize when to step aside. The guest artists on the album were instrumental, no pun intended, in bringing my songs to life and they all benefited from everyone’s perspective and influences.

Who are the guest artists that appear on the new album, 37 Channels, and how did you team up with them?
It’s a great cast. Kenny Olson (ex-Kid Rock guitarist), Austin Winkler from Hinder, Kevin McCreery from Uncle Kracker, David “2B” Mouser from KNOXX and The Villebillies, Greg Upchurch from 3 Doors Down, Scott Bartlett from Saving Abel, Shooter Jennings, Leif Garrett and Gary Morse. These were all supremely talented mo'fos I had known for years from all my comings and goings in the music industry. I’ve been looking for excuses to work with them for almost as long. This album was the perfect opportunity and amazingly, everyone said yes, jumped in and demonstrated how lucky I am to know them and have them on 37 Channels.

How many songs did you write? When it came down to the actually recording of the album--how did you decide which songs to record and which ones to set aside?
I wrote around 100 songs, some more developed than others, over the course of four years since the last Tantric release. I recorded 25 or so, polished 19 and ended up with 13 on the album. There were a few that were "must-haves" but I’m equally proud of all the music I had laid down, so I told the label they could pick any. It was like asking to pick a favorite child, I couldn’t do it. I was too close to all of them. They were all borne out of a part of me.

How do you kill downtime when in the studio?
There is no downtime! Seriously, when you love music as much as I do, you’re always doing something related to it--writing lyrics, composing, playing around with riffs, sound textures and eclectic influences, sketch jamming with other artists, etc. There maybe or may not be some alcohol involved.

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