Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach Picks His Favorite Zombie Films and TV Shows

It’s finally October, so we can start counting down the days until Halloween. Hell, we love Halloween so much we have a special issue called Rock! Shock! and Horror on newsstands now and available for purchase online right here. Because good scares often intersect with great metal, we asked Jacoby Shaddix (pictured left) of Papa Roach about his favorite on-screen zombies.







Night of the Living Dead
“The original. I saw this at a very young age and it freaked me the fuck out! I was afraid to be in my room alone after I saw this movie. But, for some reason I started watching it obsessively. That’s when I got over my fear and realized that I had a true love for the macabre.”

“First and foremost, Woody Harrelson is incredible in this film. Funny as hell! Plus the cameo from Bill Murray sends it over the top. I have a dark sense of humor and this flick tickled my funny bone.”

The Walking Dead
“Great acting and great character development. It kept me hooked through the first two seasons. It is so realistic. I love the drama and the power struggle of the lead characters. For real, if you haven’t seen this show, you should check it out.”


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