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Jamie Hanks of I Declare War Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Jamie Hanks of I Declare War Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Leading up to the end of the year, Revolver has asked some of our favorite artists to pick their Top Albums of 2012 and tell us why each record rules. Here, Jamie Hanks (pictured left), vocalist of the death-metal band I Declare War, selects his faves.





5. Haarp, Husks
"I can pretty much sum this album up in one hour or simply one word. I will meet in the middle and just say take a bong hit, sit back, and doom out. It's a slow-moving record, but that really is the best part about it. New Orleans breeds yet another heavy-metal band for the ages."











4. Whitechapel, Whitechapel
"A blistering pace and incredibly heavy leads are setting this band apart in the death-metal world right now. Not to mention the ever-developing range of the singer Phil Bozeman. Dare I say this band is the next career death-metal band? If they keep putting stuff out like this, it's a lock."











3. Cannibal Corpse, Torture
"Cannibal Corpse has been writing the same record for close to 20 years, it feels like. The thing is though, it's a really, REALLY fucking badass record. Difference is this record really pumps up the production and tone a lot. 'Scourge of Iron' could be the heaviest song I have ever heard. Ever. For real."











2. Converge, All We Love We Leave Behind
"Converge does it again. Dark, angry, fast, and uncomfortable are a few words that I can think of to describe this record. If you have had a reason to dislike Converge in the past, give this record a chance. You my be pleasantly surprised by this record. You get a little bit of everything along with a new thrash feel, too. Good record for a rainy day."











1. Gaza, No Absolutes in Human Suffering
"This without question is my favorite heavy record of the year. Between the relentless pace, tasteful technicality, and bellowing vocals that would make even Death himself shit his robes--this record blends the prefect mix of grind, death metal, and punk. Perfect for someone that doesn't have their head stuck in the sand."



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