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JB Brubaker of August Burns Red Picks the Band's Top Five Studio Moments

JB Brubaker of August Burns Red Picks the Band's Top Five Studio Moments

For a band, recording can be a tumultuous time or it could go very smooth. Since metalcore act August Burns Red are in the studio now recording album No. 5, Revolver asked guitarist JB Brubaker (pictured left) what the band's most memorable studio moments have been over its history.

The band expects to release the album later this year and August Burns Red will be performing on the main stage of the Vans Warped Tour this summer.



1.  "While tracking Leveler, we had a huge band fight over a drum part that [producer, Jason] Suecof and Matt [Greiner] came up with over a section in the song 'Divisions.' We were split down the middle on the part and Suecof poked and prodded at everyone until I exploded on him and cussed him out, which caused Jake [Luhrs, vocalist] to lose it and storm out of the room. It was quite uncomfortable and will be remembered as one of the more dramatic moments we've had together as a band as we are generally very even-keeled as a group."











2.  "While tracking Messengers with producer Tue Madsen, we ran into a tremolo-picking riff in a section in the song 'Redemption' that was a real bugger and took us forever to get a good take of. It was to the point where we were just passing the guitar around the room between Brent [Rambler, guitarist], Tue, Dustin [Davidson, bassist], and myself. Each of us would take a shot at tracking it and eventually give up and pass the guitar on to the next person. Tue was the first one to get a usable take. Pathetic!"











3.  "While tracking Constellations with Suecof, we had Tommy Rogers from Between the Buried and Me come in and track a clean singing part in the song 'Indonesia.' While we are friends with the BTBAM guys, we are also big fans of their band so to have Tommy come in and sing on our album was really special for us. It was also the first clean singing part we had ever had on an album and to this day is the only non-gang vocal singing part we've ever had on album. Very cool moment for us."











4.  "When we tracked our Christmas album Sleddin' Hill, we had an idea for a vocal choir part over the end of the song 'Oh Holy Night.' Our drummer Matt's sister was in the choir at her college and Matt was buddies with the director, Dr. Bigley. He had his choir learn a part he had written specifically for the section in 'Oh Holy Night' and producer Carson Slovak brought in a portable Pro-Tools rig and recorded the entire 50-plus person choir live. It gave me goosebumps and was a cool moment as we had never done anything like that before."











5.  "When we were just starting out, we tracked our first full length [2005's Thrill Seeker] with producer Adam D [Dutkiewicz], which was quite an honor for us as we were simply a group of unknown metal wannabes. When our drummer Matt setup his kit, his cymbals were covered in green gunk from all the local shows we had played over the past year or two. The concept of cleaning cymbals was foreign to us at this point and we had planned on just tracking the album with the gear we had. Adam took one look at the cymbals and informed us that we would be visiting a music store immediately because those cymbals were far too shot to use in the studio. That was one of many lessons we learned over that session."

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