Job for a Cowboy Premiere New Album ‘Demonocracy’

Death metallers Job for a Cowboy are releasing their third full-length, Demonocracy, produced by Jason Suecof, on Tuesday. But you have the chance to hear the entire record now by streaming it now. Check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments. (Also, click the image to the left to get a blown-up version of their awesome cover art.)

Unfortunately, our time hosting the album has ended.



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  • Alan Keller Jr.

    so fuckin good.

  • NoneO

    Stupid name —great band

  • Guest


  • brian

    This  shit is intense. Best album so far!

  • Josh’s Dad


  • Anonymous

    A great return for one of the most marvelous death metal bands of our days, great trial with “Demonocracy”

  • A Red Sky Collapse

    Sounds good! This band is constantly getting better.

  • satanwillcomeforus

    Amazing. Constantly pushing the boundaries, and KILLING IT. 

  • Doomed do Better

    Compared to the first one (haven’t heard their second) a good evolving nastyness. Good ol’ riffing lumberjacking for those hot summer days. Good stuff !

  • Potential Cowboy Employer

    these guys are on crack. i like it.

  • wezerkore

    goooooooood fuckin sound

  • wezerkore

    goooooooood fuckin sound

  • Matt Dwyer

    Sounds killer!Pounding drums and bass,very cool leads.solid death metal vocals!Great production every thing is clear on this recording!

  • Hoita


  • Baron VonVahstorik

    Boosh! I was¬†disappointed¬†by Gloom, so I was nervous I wasn’t going to like this album, but it’s tops.

  • rghfdpoihjd

    every album shits on the last

  • Vael

    Love these guys. ¬†Got me when they released Doom and I haven’t been disappointed yet. ¬†Really wish there were lyrics posted with this! ¬†I love Jonny’s lyrical style.

  • krimmolation

    damnocracy in the link LOL

  • jnbjkjkbjk

    great production, well done!

  • thelivingdream

    soild effort diggin it

  • Metal_head_69420

    mostly fuckin brutal, ima fan now m/

  • Toontz

    new fan! Numb…wow!

    • Omegagigabowser

      SAME HERE! I never really got into this band before… but then they released Nourishment Through Bloodshed… and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release ever since.¬†

  • Dimasnewton

    wooooowwww love it all….¬†

  • Clinton Elliott

    Demonocracy is brutal as all hell

  • Metalingus

    great as always 

  • Been Laden Jr.

    Big Babies on steroids. imho. 

  • Kfmilstead

    LOVE This album JFAC is gonna be in Omaha Tomorrow i cant belive i get to see them on the same day this comes out

  • Kevin Terry

    wtf happend to gloom >? 

  • Timelapsefidelity

    Fallujah ripoff

    • Contagio11

      lol. sounds nothing like Fallujah but ok.

  • justmy2cents

    awesome piece of music! just love it! brutal as fuck yet filled with great melodies.

  • braindead

    they’ve definitely made some progress.¬†

  • Contagio11

    This has to be one of the most original/unique sounding death metal albums ever.

  • your-name-here

    Wow…¬† just fucking wow.¬†¬† This is by far one of the finest death metal albums I’ve heard.

    • Old_Skull

      ¬†you are an idiot….
      this is horrible.
      american death metal has completely gone down hill….
      JFAC is definitely death core…. and is disgusting.

      • BRKFST

        Define “Deathcore”

      • TheHandBanana

        only idiot here is you homie

  • Ignacioscannone

    This is one of the finest death metal records this year without a doubt. They’ve definitely come a long way from their bree-bree-chug past. They’ve been putting out solid work since Genesis. American Death metal, if anything, is making a resurgence. And @d9960d44d7e6c9b4ef51f195789f130f:disqus, please enlighten me as to how this is deathcore. I haven’t heard a single core-esque facet or breakdown in this album and I’m in my 3rd play-through. This is fantastic and you need to come to grips with just how fantastic it is.

  • TheHandBanana

    Best death metal record of the year. ¬†JFAC gets 10x better with each record they put out. ¬†Doom was whatever,¬†Genesis was a massive improvement, Ruination was incredible, and Demonocracy is a straight up masterpiece. ¬†Can’t wait to hear these songs live at Summer Slaughter m/¬†

  • Peanuts


  • Symone Lewis

    Best Band ever! Went to there concert @ House of blues and they sound sooooo good Live