Judas Priest Release New Song and Details on New Album, Redeemer of Souls


Metal legends Judas Priest will release their first album in six years, Redeemer of Souls, on July 15 via Epic Records.

The band has released the title track of the record, which you can listen to below. Let us know what you think in the comments!



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  • ultramanj

    That is a dated picture of the band; since K.K. isn’t in it anymore.

    • Doug Masters

      Thats not KK thats the new guitarist.

    • Hob Ralford

      That’s not KK in the picture unless they went wild with photoshop “deaging” filters or perhaps dug up a picture from the past. It’s clearly the replacement guitarist.

  • ultramanj

    So I went back and looked Doug and I guess your right, I cannot believe how similar they look. When I watched a concert on TV it never occurred to me they were similar other than their blond hair. My bad.

  • ultramanj

    Now they have right guy….. that was K.K. originally from the Epitaph promo photos… I thought I was loosing it for a minute.

  • scottyb5150

    That’s not KK,that’s their new guitarist Richie Faulkner (who yes, looks A LOT like KK!).

  • jstags

    Awesome song!

  • Anthony Devianza

    I still <3 Priest but I dunno, it just seems like more of the same. I like when bands kind experiment with different genres these days, like how This Pretty Reckless toys with hard rock, folk, and pop rock, or how Metallica actually toyed with country on 'Mama Said' or how GNR even toyed with industrial rock a bit on a few tracks on Chinese Democracy. But well, I'm a music junkie, not a genre purist.

    • Endoftheline

      lol i know judas priest should like totally experiment with dubstep the way korn did lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

      • Anthony Devianza

        Hah, I’m not that familiar with Korn’s music so I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m familiar with what they look like so the idea of them doing dubstep does amuse me because that’s such a nerd genre, same with IDM. But well, I thought about what I said about Priest experimenting and it wouldn’t work. Priest relies on a built in fan base, one that may feel butthurt if they did something different and that would be detrimental to the band. GNR and Bon Jovi on the other hand, they can flirt with other forms of rock and they’ll be fine since they both still attract a mainstream audience, hell, Jovi is up there with U2 when it comes to ticket sales. And Priest did experiment at one time, I think we all remember Turbo, and while I thought the timing was perfect because MTV was all about new wave and synth rock, a lot of fans whined about it. To be fair to the fans, it was one of their weakest albums but well, they get an A for trying.

  • Charles J Moules

    subpar still want to see them live again. great band.