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Justin Lowe of After the Burial Picks the Five Songs with the Heaviest Riffs

Justin Lowe of After the Burial Picks the Five Songs with the Heaviest Riffs

Progressive death-metal band After the Burial is about to head out on tour with Born of Osiris, Monuments, and The Haarp Machine. Guitarist Justin Lowe (pictured left) is looking forward to showing off his heaviest riffs, and in anticipation of doing just that, he took a moment to pick the Top Five Heaviest Riffs on other band's songs.





Runner up: Nirvana, "Endless, Nameless" "When I hear the name "Nirvana," being an ultra-heavy band isn't something that comes to mind. This song, however, is quite the exception. It is the 'secret' track on certain copies of Nevermind. Between the distorted almost synth-like bass, de-tuned guitars, and low tempo drums, this song is disgusting."

5. Hatebreed, "Perseverance" "You really need to hear this song live to know what I'm talking about.  The recording sounds insanely heavy, but there's something about this song when it is played live that absolutely slams."

4. Dying Fetus, "Intentional Manslaughter" "This song has one of the best build-ups and grooves I've ever heard from these guys, and pretty much in general. Dying Fetus are masters of their craft."

3. Eternal Suffering, "My Once Shadowed Desire" "I heard this album totally by chance years and years ago and it still is one of my all-time favorites. This song in particular is just unrelenting slamming madness."

2. Disembodied, "7 Stitches" "These guys are from Minneapolis and set the bar for all the heavy bands to come out of here. This is the first track I ever heard from them, and for me, it really doesn't get much more crushing than this."

1. Admiral Angry's "Illusion of Strength" "I heard this song playing during changeover on one of our tours a few years ago, and was immediately hooked by the fact I had no idea what they were doing. The end riff is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard."

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