Kill Devil Hill—Featuring Rex Brown of Pantera and Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath—Premiere New Song, “Time and Time Again”

Kill Devil Hill–the supergroup featuring Rex Brown of Pantera and Down and Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell–will release their self-titled debut full-length in late March. But they’re premiering a cut from the record right here right now for you listening pleasure. Crank the track, titled “Time and Time Again,” below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Chris Marshall

    AWESOME! Can’t wait for the full album

  • Willjaeger

    Opened for these guys in Ft. Worth, and in spite of some major technical difficulty the club was having with their PA, they were awesome.

  • Wwiijerry

    I dig it but it’s pretty slow.So slow that it made a song thats just under 4 min sound like 6.But i’ll still buy it.

    • Takingdaggers

      You’ve gotta mix the tempos of your songs up, just my opinion. A blazingly fast song after a slow dirge followed by a medium paced melody, that’s what makes great albums, but I guess the concept of an album is a little outdated, in the age of mp3’s and radio singles. :(

  • Ronda

    These guys are AWESOME!! I want to work with them again. 

  • Jeff beam jones

    played shows with them in texas , great band an great people!!!!!!

  • S Vermaas

    Wow..excellant. Only one thing missing..the voice of newbie, James Durbin!!


    The guy in white looks like Chuck Norris on crack. 

  • Johny B

    Fucking A+! Mean song! I want more…

  • Max

    Great stuff, reminds me of Alice in Chains.

  • Devilock969

    Sounds a little like Crowbar with cleaner vocals. It rocks!

  • Mzerothehero

    Great jam, needs a little pick-me-up but otherwise great. Very Sabbath sounding. Kinda like the two cuts they had on the Reunion album. Very heavy sludge type sound but it never gets old.

  • Metalcoffinstl

    Not bad, has a classic metal sound to it.

  • Chris Roberg

    It has Rex Brown involved its an automatic kick ass tune! BADDASS!

  • PanteraFan4life

    Bad Ass Cant wait for the Full Blown Album.

  • Bigal2093

    To Michael Boniface: The “guy in white” happens to be Rex Brown of Pantera. WTF? Get off this site you have no clue about metal. Great sound looking forward to new Album. Saw Vinny and Rex on “That Metal Show”. He’s had some health problems.

  • Merrittroot

    sound awesome cant wait for cd it sounds like it will kick ass

  • Mark S Griffiths

    Sound a little like the “new Alice in Chains”.

  • Jesus Gutierrez Juarez

    amazing song.. <3

  • Larry Stroman

     I Really like the music.I must say I could live without the weak vocals and absolutely lame lyrics. 

  • Rudolf-grauberger

    Missed that fucken hard bass sound Rex! Thank you for doing your shit!

  • Rwoodfill

    Cool,a mixture of Down And a bit slower Pantera!!!!!!  With a Sabbath grind.

  • Taglierichris

    It’s ok not catching me tho….Need more heavy sound little slow…Big Pantera Fan..

  • None

    Saw these guys in Monticello KY and WOW WOW WOW!!!

  • Birdielawson1960

    it’s all good vinnie phil rex anything they do awesome metal

  • Brpoquette

    I think I could get used to this! No, REALLY!

  • Jared Beekman

    Sounded like I figured it would. Sabbath meets Down; meh

  • Jenda Hrbek

    Sounds like AIC. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Kikass9

    very sludgy. AWESOME!

  • Stacywhite871

    I’m sorry..was that the slow-mo version? Good Lord, pick it up off the ground guys. ‘Born to lose..We cannot win’. Yeah, hire a writer. This should sell a couple hundred copies.

  • Hdelgado28

    Ehhh. . .

  • Proboarder169

    This is fucking savage. If you dont dig this, you’re probably a bitch.

    Tune down play slow!!! 

    • Brutal or nothing

      Well the only person I would ever call  bitch is the fag that thinks another doom metal band is savage. opinions are opinions, bitch, you can either say your opinion, or express your opinion. you have chosen to express your opinion instead of voicing it, that makes you a bitch, bitch! Fukin twat from a sex changed fag!!!!!

  • aNile8

    @ Stacywhite871 – HAHA That’s just it, the jokes on you. These guys are hardly “losing”.  In fact, the impeccable grove, heavy bass and guitars dark lyrics will sell more copies of this song in one day than you could your body on your best day standing on the corner at the first day of the month in crack town. 

  • Alanl40

    Who wouldn,t like this. Can,t wait for all of it..

  • Scott Toops

    Hell yeah!!!..Killer!..I think you guys should let( Engine of Chaos) from Dayton,Ohio open if you come around the area..HORNS 4EVER!!!!

  • Tomrayy

    Fell asleep listening to this.Did it pick up at all?

  • Clit Commander

    Nice chugging sound. I hope there are a few faster songs but great sound and voice.

  • Stiff Steve WSOU

    A little Alice In Chains flavor. Nice and sludgy. Interested to see if they have some thrashy stuff. I’ll give em two horns up.

    • Brutal or nothing

      Now this I can agree with. However Alice In Chains is already done. Bee cooler if it was better written and more original sounding, but however an alright listen…

    • Judith J-Bomb Tippets

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! 

  • Eric C Hughes

    You cannot deny the power coming from behind those drums.  Vinny rules.

  • Mpalyvos

    Vinny Rules Absolutely! I WANT To HEAR MORE!

  • AngelNOLA


  • Dave

    This will be BIG….



  • Williard Pessoa

    Great voice, heavy, strong drums (Vinnie rules… totally!), intense guitars (reminds me Dio’s Strange Highways a little bit… and this is fantastic!) and a groovy-heavy bass too! If Kill Devil Hill reminds ‘Alice in Chains’ a little, what’s the problem? It’s the first album and we can see that they have a lot to show!!! I will pleasent buy the gatefold vinyl! Long live KDH!!!

  • Rpgdude2008

    sabbath dehumanizer