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Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Picks His Top Five Electronic Tracks

Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Picks His Top Five Electronic Tracks

Korn release their highly anticipated new electronic-infused record, The Path of Totality, on December 6. Having worked with some of the genre's top producers--including Skrillex, Noisia, and 12th Planet--on the album, we asked vocalist Jonathan Davis to share with us his top five electronic tracks. Here is what he came up with.

"Warp," The Bloody Beetroots featuring Steve Aoki
"That’s an electro track, it's just fucking amazing. It’s, like, Steve screaming in it, it’s kind of hardcore, but it just moves the crowd. When I drop that song, anytime I'm DJing, the crowd goes crazy. It’s a perfect example of really cool fucking electro music."

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites," Skrillex
"I love it, because it’s a mixture of so many different genres of music. It's fucking dubstep, its electro, it’s everything. I love how he just mixes a bunch of genres together. And when I first heard that song, it blew me away, cause of the big bass, the talking basses, and all this shit. But then it’s got all--what do you call it?--there was, like, melodies and shit going over the top, he’d pitch his voice up and it’s interesting things that he did. I love it."

"Trouble in the West," Koan Sound
"It’s some kids, I think they’re from Europe, and they do this kind of dubstep that it’s kind of like southern-rock funk shit. It’s crazy. 'Trouble in the west,' I love that song. And it’s not really dubstep-y, it’s drum and bassy, but it feels like southern rock and funk. It’s these two 18-year-old kids. Really fucking cool shit."

"X Rated," Excision featuring Messinian
"I love that song, it’s fucking heavy. It’s metal, dude. Those guys invented heavy-metal dubstep, hands down. Dubstep, originally, it got named dub because of the dub influences,. It was more regage. And then these kids start taking it and fucking it up. And Excision, and Downlink, and Datsik met on a dubstep forum. They were three kids that were just taking shit and  just making it heavy, the bass was heavy and it was aggressive. And Excision said, 'You guys come to my house and let’s do this shit.' And he started Rottun Recordings and basically he’s the No. 1 dubstep DJ in North America for that style of dubstep. And the sounds and the production are ridiculous. And that shit, I call 'heavy-metal dubstep.'"

"The Dark Crystal," Sluggo and Nerd Rage
"I love that movie. 'Feel the power of the dark crystal!' And then it just goes all fucking crazy."

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