Korn Premiere New Music Video, “Never Never”

Korn have released the music video for their song “Never Never,” the lead single off the band’s 11th studio release, The Paradigm Shift, which will be out October 8. It will be the group’s first album in about a decade to include guitarist Brian “Head” Welch. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The band has also announced tour dates with Asking Alexandria and Love and Death, Welch’s other band. Dates are listed beneath the video player.

09/26 – Philadephia, Pa. @ Electric Factory
09/27 – New York, N.Y. @ Roseland Ballroom
09/28 – Worcester, Mass. @ The Palladium
09/30 – Toronto, Ontatio @ TBA
10/01 – Detroit, Mich. @ TBA
10/02 – Chicago, Il.. @ The Riviera Theatre
10/03 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ TBA
10/10 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ TBA
10/12 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ TBA


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  • J

    Umm…I’ve heard Marc Anthony songs heavier than this. Korn, what the?

  • bruno tinto

    lady gaga like it ….this is so ………………………………………………..GAY

    • Ganondox

      You know Lady Gaga’s favorite band is Iron Maiden….

  • somerandomjagoff

    sure it’s a bit poppy, but it is obviously a ballad. Korn really doesn’t have many of those at all. There’s nothing wrong with a slow song here and there(unless you are a really heavy band, which korn never was). I’ve been a korn fan since they came out, and I’ll be honest, everything they put out isn’t gold, especially these last few years. It’s waaaay different for them, and I applaud the branching out. But I do hope the rest of the album doesn’t sound like this. But I won’t judge until I hear it.

  • Andrew Balow

    It’s been like 20-years; will these guys please take a shower? I feel disgusting just looking at them!

  • Andrew Balow

    It’s been like 20-years; will these guys please take a shower? I feel disgusting just looking at them!

  • KornKrushSurvivor

    I have always been a music fan and also a big Korn fan, im just curious why people are constantly comparing Korns new stuff to the old stuff. If they whipped out 11 albums that sounded just like the self titled then you would probably all still complain that tgey all sound the same. This is what they want to do and if it makes them happy then so bit it. I still think its catchy and ive heard snippets from the alvum, it does get old school heavy dont worry!

    • KornKid723

      Its not that its a “new” sound its that its a different sound. Imagine Katy Perry releasing a Badass Heavy-Metal song. We’d all love it, but her fans would be outraged. This is how most Korn fans are begging to feel.

      • Ganondox

        I really want to see that.

  • Roger Geissbuhler

    Head’s other band LOVE AND DEATH is everything Korn was, and will never be again. Really great vocalist.

  • Earth Punk

    So I guess you no longer have to be heavy metal to be promoted by a heavy metal magazine…

  • BeeJay

    Woah! Korn going in a new direction? So glad to see them expanding their musicianship, unlike old bands (can you say Boston, Foreigner) that always sounded the same. Our band just might cover this one.

  • JenniferF

    I don’t like it, its too soft for KORN.

  • DPH

    It’s nowhere near as bad as twisted transistor

  • OsKillah

    This is pretty bad.

  • Hymie Johnson

    Something different for them but still a good song

  • Airyellit

    Love the video… amazing art in it. Amazing concept. Hey every band has to stretch sometimes. It might be a bit different from their usual but ballads have to come down a bit. I like it, it looks good on them and with their talent they don’t have to prove anything anymore.

  • http://www.street-punk-productions.com/ Street-Punk-Productions.com

    A little artsy but I like it

  • ElDiabloConCamara

    One word: PopKorn. Cool video though.

  • Rob Matheny