Korn Premiere New Music Video, “Spike in My Veins”

KOrn-2013Korn have premiered a new music video for “Spike in My Veins,” a track off last year’s The Paradigm Shift. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • Matt Cave

    Love the video, especially Rob Ford dancing.
    Love the song. Feels like Korn at their best. Very dynamic, and wonderfully punchy.

  • cluemaster

    unfortunately the video content is already becoming obsolete with each time it’s viewed.

    • Predictable05

      The news or “news entertainment” cycle runs its course pretty quick. Something that’s topical in the moment won’t be a week or two from now. However, no matter how old the news stories themselves, the message being conveyed in the video is timeless. Someone who watches the music video 10 years from now will understand the message just as well as someone who watched it the first day it came out. So it will never really matter how old the content itself gets, just as long as the viewer understands that we Americans are being fucked over by our media.

  • ObI-Wan

    How did they manage to get copyrights to all that piece

    • 99ways2die

      You don’t need copyright to publish news articles as long as the news media that originally published it gets the credit and judging by the video, I’d say that was Fox News. As long as you don’t air an entire show or plagiarize the stories as if they where their own and only use clips or re-write a story if in print with out making it a complete copy you can air out any news you want.

  • Joe Morris

    cool idea for video, but I miss the analog sound of Korn (1st album). It’s so studio and polished it might as well be Kanye or Cyrus making the song

    • Endoftheline

      wtf you just compared korn to kanye and miley lol!!!1 your brain dead!!!!!!!111

      • 99ways2die

        He does make a point though, I miss that old sound as well.

  • maggotmeg

    There’s not much to be impressed with.

  • gibsonriot

    Not great by any means

  • Phil Cady

    Wow, this is super recycled warmed over donkey shit. I’m sure they think they are so controversial with their biting political commentary on current events. This lazy attempt at being topical is boring at best and should be a clear sign that Korn is way past their expiration date.

    • Endoftheline

      your mom is way past expiration date

    • 99ways2die

      I’m sure you think your controversial thinking you’re better then the other wing by spewing your political propaganda bull shit but you’re not. The Right and Left argument is past it’s expiration date. It must just piss you off a bunch of Mexicans aren’t kissing the Governments ass even though both sides seem to love illegal immigration so much. Guess you’d rather them living in a ghetto on food stamps getting Obamacare benefits.

  • jteshuwah .

    Well. Unlike all the other haters, I think Korn hasn’t sounded this good in YEARS! Love the video. I just don’t know how they’re going to get away with it. I really don’t.

  • steve

    great song, stupid video your using fox news for reference and quotes they f***ing suck ,and bush started this spying crap not Obama

    • 99ways2die

      2 years latter I hope you realize that FOX is the reference they are using as the Media distraction. Fox is always the best to use because they pretend the most that they aren’t just another TV Main Stream political project. And as far as Obama goes you are right, but he has supercharged the agenda. Used every law the Bushes have passed to work to his own benefit making an even deeper pile of much to work against us.

      I swear you call yourselves freedom fighters but you are not people I want on my side if you think this petty.

  • Jack Malcic

    Boring, mediocre song and album. Korn really needs to call it a day. And as for the video, I’m pretty sure they’ll get sued by at least one person for it.

    • Endoftheline

      fuck you asshole korn is singing about freedom the true american way… korn will always be around they are true survivors wtf have you done that’s half as awesome as them???? nothing lol!!!!!!!!11 keep rocking the suburbs with your tr00 metal boy lol!!!!!! KORN rules!!!!!!!!!1111

      • Robert Skinny-Cartman Cummings

        “Fuck you asshole”? Heaven forbid the guy has an opinion that differs from you. Personally I think all of Korn’s work after “Take a look in the mirror” has regressed allot. SYOTOS was decent, Its okay to not like it…SOme of us where there when Blind first came out so its okay for them to not like it. “Prey for me” and “love and Meth” are amazing songs off the new album :-p

        • Mak

          Kuz Head basically wrote those two songs

    • 99ways2die

      Libtard nation rising! Isn’t it disgusting when a bunch of Mexicans down grade our slave masters while calling the Media talking heads and their stories distractions?


  • Shiveone

    A lot of these sold out artist now days are putting out anti-government songs so all of you consider this a blessing while the internet still exist as it does. This music video is so controversial that YouTube/Vevo are blocking it.

  • Crisstyna

    KoRn has been putting these type of video’s before “all these bands” were!! What about Y’all want a single? Also Banned. Here To Stay, also similar. I’ve been a fan since day one (1993) yes they’ve changed, but to still be rocking out 20 years later?? My face.

    • Robert Skinny-Cartman Cummings

      I highly doubt you knew about Korn in 93 unless you are from Bakersfield. Considering their first album was released in 94. How old are you? Alas, agree. “Here to stay” is a perfect example of how they made a video similar to this one.

      • Crisstyna

        Robert, yes I lived in Baker til 95. I’m 35. Glad to see someone who knows what they’re talking about!

        • 99ways2die

          Well sorry for the late reply, but look who’s running the country now. With Bush yeah he was a p.o.s. but you never seen any of this crap happen to Rage or God Smack. You Downgrade Obama in anyway though you’re lucky to get out alive much less have your video back on the air. You can bet they spent some time in court and allot of money to get it back on. Megadeth had the same thing happen with 99ways2die (The video not my name) because they couldn’t have a gun loving nut case playing a video about guns getting into childrens hands, not gun banning enough, first it was MTV that banned it so the only place you could see it was Beavis and Butt head.

          This is another example of, if you’re willing to be a distraction then they will show your face all over the world. If you don’t however, they will ban you, scare you, murder you and piss on your grave so they can make you look like you where the crazy one. Scott Stap has now had his bank accounts seized right after turning on the administration as well, he’s been chased around to be made to look crazy and even his wife turned on him. Hollywood is the Devil re-incarnate.

  • Alissa Starner Wood

    Love the song, Love the video. Love the album.

  • jennyjuice

    Why is this being blocked?? Korn is Awesome! Love this shit!

  • voytheck

    no pleasssse Justin Bieber wrote this song or what?

  • 99ways2die

    2 years ago. GOD … DAMN!!! Seems like yesterday they where on Infowars plugging this video. I’d say people have figured out the message to this video so we won’t get into that. I’m just glad to see after that long drop off they had after working with Fear Factory (Which I’ll never understand how that screwed up their style considering away from each other you would think they would be great team) they are so much closer to their roots. I remember when Korn first came out with their first big time album. I lived in Maine and they where playing on W.TOS. Ok so they will never get back to that raw grunge noise band style they used to be but they are still pulling out all the stops and back on the horse.

    Love this video and I’m glad to see they don’t have their heads up their asses like the Justin Beiber fan club of distraction machine.

    Or Rage against the Machine that only seemed to be against the Government when the War Monger was in office. Now that the NWO harbinger of death is in office (Barack-Martial Davis-Obama) notice they completely sold out everyone’s souls who’s made them rich and paid for him to spread his word..