Lacuna Coil Check In From the Studio—Check Out the Photos

Italian goth metallers Lacuna Coil will release their new album, Dark Adrenaline (Century Media), in October. As with their last album, Shallow Life, Don Gilmore is producing. Co-vocalist Andrea Ferro (left) fills us in on the recording process so far. Check out a photo gallery from the studio below that.

REVOLVER How are the songs sounding on your new album?
ANDREA FERRO We have different kinds of songs, some are pretty heavy with a really powerful groove and some killer riffs, some have a darker vibe a bit more in our traditional style, and some others are more anthemic. In my opinion it’s a great collection of metal and rock songs.

Are you trying anything different with your songs this time?
There’s a variety of moods; some things which are new, and some which sound like more traditional Lacuna Coil. We were experimenting with the previous album and we learned a lot from that about what is the essence of our “sound.” We usually never repeat the same record, and that will again be the case this time around. It’s 100 percent a Lacuna Coil album, with the benefit of some great inspiration during the songwriting process.

What’s been the most adventurous thing you’ve done in the studio so far?
The studio is not usually crazy or exciting, especially when you have to complete the recording in a reasonable amount of time. We’ve been working our asses off! The most exciting thing is probably seeing the record take shape in between Europe and the States.

You are again working with Don Gilmore. What does he contribute most?
After you’ve spent a few months constantly working on the songs, it’s important to have someone like Don come in and give you a sincere opinion of the songs. He is helping us in keeping things fresh, and getting our sound together for 2011. Most of the songs haven’t really changed in essence, but he is really good at outlining the most important and interesting details of the music and the lyrics. He also creates a really great vibe while recording.


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