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Lacuna Coil Vocalist Andrea Ferro Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Lacuna Coil Vocalist Andrea Ferro Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Our favorite holiday? Easy: Halloween. We’re eagerly counting down the days to All Hallows Eve, and we’re doing it by enlisting some of our favorite rockers to select the “most metal” fright flicks of all time. So check back right here at every day until the big, bad scariest one of them all. Next up, Lacuna Coil singer Andrea Ferro, whose picks were all produced in his homeland, Italy!

Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)
"This is the most popular movie from the most famous Italian horror director, Dario Argento. A perfect balance between suspense and violence."

"In his next movie, Dario went in a more gothic direction. The production is big, and the locations and the sublime prog-metal soundtrack by Goblin are just perfect. It's like a terrifying fable."

La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono
"Pupi Avati is the only Italian director that had a chance to reach the fame of Argento. Visually, the film is very disturbing, and the story is an original mix of violence and sex."

Paura Nella Citta' Dei Morti Viventi (City of the Living Dead)
"A great director--Lucio Fulci--and one of the most visionary zombie movies of the time, a mix of brilliant technique and suspense. The level of the splatter scenes is really high--there's even a priest committing suicide and a girl vomiting her own interior organs."

Buio Omega (Beyond the Darkness)
"This is necrophilia at its best! Director Joe d'Amato used to shoot porn movies to raise money to film his beloved independent, crazy horrors, and he is actually pretty damn good in both styles. A jewel of perverted sex, mutilations, autopsy, and splatter violence. Pure poetry!"

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