Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe Arrested for Alleged Manslaughter in Prague, Czech Republic

According to the Czech news website Novinky, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe was arrested today in the Czech Republic and charged with manslaughter due to an incident that dates back to 2010.

The reports say that in May 2010 Blythe engaged in an onstage altercation with a fan during a show at the Prague venue Abaton; the fan later died of his injuries. Today, Lamb of God returned to the Czech Republic to perform a show tonight, but the police detained the singer upon his arrival in the city, forcing the show to be canceled.

Lamb of God’s representatives have said that Blythe is wrongly accused and that they expect him to be fully exonerated.


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  • Dan


  • King345


  • Gfh


  • Andrew Molina


  • Lewis C. Garcia

    very strange story….such bullshit

  • Luis Fernando N. H

    damn hope he can make it out soon

  • Warren Wesson

    unfortunate bit of business to say the least. Hope they’re feeding yah Randy

  • Brian Batterson

    I am sure he will be cleared.  It’s unfortunate for sure.  We are pulling for you Randy!

  • Deah_rage

    I just hope next album isn’t called “Catching the Soaps of Hell” and recorded in a Czech Republic  prison … 

  • Stacey

    I agree, strange story, complete bullshit. We’re here for you Randy <3

  • Airheart

    Whaaaat? Come on, these lunatics think people in metal are violent savaged animals! I’m not saying he did it (really don’t think so) nor am I saying he isn’t capable of doing something like that. Get your shit together Czech Republic.

  • Hadji

    if this were only true that he got arrested. talentless shitfuck of a “singer” most likely got arrested for ear raping people

    • gutripper

      I’m curious.  If you don’t like him, why do you listen to him?  Just so you can complain about it?  Turn it off.  Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean he’s no good.  Food for thought.

    • Heavynova

      Why are you even on here complaining you fucking HADJI? Go listen to the fucking Michael Jackson records you got in your country last week and jerk off with your own tears as lube. Quit trolling and do something with your life you fucking waste. 

  • inASHEStheyREAP

    I read on another site from someone that was supposedly at the show that the fan jumped up on stage and randy pushed him back into the crowd.  Unfortunately it was a sparse crowd and no one caught him, causing him to land on the concrete. But fuck that, its a damn metal concert. People get hurt. Sadly this guy lost his life, but everyone knows that you are not allowed to get on stage. It’s just another case of lets blame someone else. Good luck Randy. By the way Hadji, Randy has never referred to his self as a “singer” , he screams for a living and does a damn good job at it.

    • Mickey

      So who will get the blame when someone gets trampled in a circle pit?  Will they now have cops on standby, checking for man slaughter in the pit??  WTF is this?

  • Sherwin678

    this is a motherfucking invitation!

    • Hunter

      The problem is that Randy didn’t know about it. Czech police tried to reach him last two years but US cops didn’t care at all so Randy or management of the band had no idea about this.

  • LOG4life

    no more LOG concerts for Czech Republic…


    Cz dont deserve shit! Come to Latvia instead

  • Iplayeadg4

    This is such bullshit. People get hurt at shows. I’ve seen a dude in a pit walk out with a busted jaw. Shit happens. I’m sorry the dude died, but stay off the stage.

  • Doug Masters

    Artist have the right to protect themselves, We dont need another crazed fan pulling an Alrosa Villa type crime, in which the Metal world lost the best shredder DIME.

  • Tasteofeternity

    Ok, i have to respond to all your comments. I’m from Czech Republic and I have some informations from friends, who visited the gig. So:

    Security men wanted to take that guy away but Randy sent them off arguing that he will solve all the situation by himself. When the guy turned back to him, he threw him quite brutally down.

  • Bert

    how fuckin stupid can you be? If you don’t even know enough that the guy died and you threw him to his death and then go back to same country? fuckin dumb mother fucker

  • Aaronsehlin666

    the security personal are paid for a reason. so we don’t become forced to protect our selves. I hire you to protect me and all the sudden I’m put in position to protect myself then its your responsability for what it easy on the first place to protect. first and for most the band is just as much a victim as the fan that died. unprofessional as it gets . blame the music all you want. Randy better be out and cleared real quick.

  • Julie Asperger

    Wow from how I saw people tweeting away about this I thought he got arrested for something kinda minor like drugs or a drunken brawl but manslaughter….I mean his actions killed another human being….How is that wrongful inprisonment? Medical records would prove if his injuries suffured from the singer caused his death I am glad I looked into this furthur before jumping on the twitter bandwagon out of peer pressure. If his actions really caused this mans death than he needs to pay the conswequences for that. Rock star lead singer or not.