Lamb of God Guitarist on Randy Blythe Legal Fund: “We Are By No Means Requesting Charity”

With Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe still behind bars in the Czech Republic, his bandmates responded to the outpouring of support from LoG fans and the metal community at large by starting up a legal fund for their imprisoned lead singer.

Apparently, there has been a minor backlash to the legal fund, and guitarist Willie Adler has taken to his official Facebook page to clear up any misconceptions that might be floating around. He writes:

“I want to thank all of you again for your un- waivering support in all of this. It’s greatly appreciated and does not go with out notice. I’d also feel re-miss by not mentioning something else. As you all know, a legal fund has been set up in regards to our current situation. We’ve received quite a bit of backlash which I’d like to respond to. We are by no means requesting charity, nor are we demanding money from our fans. We have received dozens upon dozens of requests from supporters wanting to help in any way possible. This was a direct response to that in order to give fans a voice in all of this if they choose to do so. By no means are we trying to make a dime off of this. Trust me, we live for our fans and would never attempt to profit off of them. This is purely a response to those that reached out wanting to extend any and all help. Which we couldn’t be more thankful for. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this just thinking about the outpouring of support we’ve received. Collectively, we will bring Randy home. He is my brother, your brother, and more importantly, an innocent man being wrongfully detained. I thank you all again, for everything. I love you all.”

According to new reports this morning, Blythe will remain in jail indefinitely as the prosecutor in his case filed a complaint against the singer being released on bail.

Blyth was arrested nearly two weeks ago on manslaughter charges stemming from an incident in 2010 in which a fan sustained fatal injuries at a Lamb of God show, allegedly the result of a physical altercation with the singer.

“In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident,” said the band in an official statement last week. “The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent. We know justice will prevail, and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.”


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  • Dalenmel2001

    I don’t understand how after two years has passed since the incident that they can detain him or file charges? You’d think there would be a time period? & it’s odd that Randy or Lamb of God was never notified also after two years. & also I find it hard that Randy would need help money wise for legal help? Lamb of God is one of heavy metals heavy weights as far as popularity goes & I know there not millionaires but I don’t think Randy is hurting for money either.I do realize from experience also being a musician myself that if you want to make a lot of money that the heavy metal/death metal music genre is not the route to take if you want to become rich lol. But there have been many heavy bands that have done well for themselves like PanterA,Black Sabbath,Ozzy,Danzig,Misfits,Slayer,Megadeth,Metallica,Anthrax etc. But I don’t think Randy or Lamb of God should be accepting money from the fans etc if they really don’t need it.

    • jtonkin3

      If people want to donate, they need a way to do it.  We need him back immediately if not sooner.  They give their souls to the fans.

    • Guest

      They need it for one cause our money is totally different from their money. If we have 200,000$ then over there its only like 20,000$ Think if your family member or favorite band was over there youd do everything in your power to bring them home and they have every bit of evidence to prove that he didn’t do it. They just keep taking his money. He already put up for bail but they declined it. They keep declining him. LOG might have a shit load of money but its all different over seas. And since their going higher up in the court system,its going to cost more money. I dont think its a bad thing at all to ask for help. Just like if you needed help,others would help you to

  • Trbaker64

    obviously the czech authorities are fuckin blind if u watch all the angles dude nevers touchs him and if he did why is it not on the video. it sounds like they are in league with some other unmentionable  pieces of shit. this is another modern day witch hunt and the wrong person is being burned at the stake.


    For all you cyinical SOB’s out there, you thing LOG are millionaires living the high life. Quite the contrary. These guy’s are hard working stiff’s like most of us and have given their fans some fantastic music. Without Randy up front it presents a gaping hole difficult to replace. So quit your yapping and thank and support these guy’s any way you can !

  • Pyrowhore

    This is bullshit. They have all the evidence on camera showing Randy didn’t do anything and the dumbass foreigners seems to think he did. I understand a LOG fan died but it wasn’t because of Randy and they haven’t documented any illnesses before he died that could have easily led to the kids death. Their just blaming it on Randy because the kid jumped onto the stage and tried to crowd surf and the security guard pushed him off stage. Also this happened 2 years ago.. Don’t anyone think if the kids death indeed was linked to Randy the Czech embassy would have let the U.S embassy no the second they found out? No they waited til he came back to get him and he is clueless as to what happened. It really does piss me off that different countries have different legal systems.

  • oneeyeddoll

    bring randy home!!! 

  • John

    If we don’t stand for in-justice this is what will happen when travelling internationally (rock start or not). On every concert ticket there is a warning of the risk of injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a reason for this because mosh pits are dangerous, stage diving is dangerous, and headbanging is dangerous. This kid died in a freak accident and it is very sad (one less fellow metaler around), Randy is being made an example of by a politian that has some sort of adjenda. We will find out the motive after this bullshit breaks itself down at trial. LOG have shown nothing but kindness to their fans. Playing a free Ozzfest in 2007 is proof of that. I was there and should know.

  • SinnerStar6 The Congregation

    this saddens me that a U.S. citizen can just be taken like this is our goverment doing anything to help Randy !!!!!!!!!!