Lamb of God on Randy Blythe’s Arrest: “It’s Maddening to Try and Make Heads or Tails”

This morning, Lamb of God released an official statement addressing the ongoing predicament of frontman Randy Blythe, who is still in a Czech jail.

Blythe was arrested last week on manslaughter charges stemming from an incident that took place May 24, 2010, at Prague’s Club Abaton, in which a fan was allegedly pushed from the stage, eventually dying as a result of the injuries.

The statement thanks fans for their ongoing support; it also, however, expresses how confusing the situation is for all involved, including the band. It ends by including a link to Blythe’s Legal Fund on Facebook.

Here is the complete statement:

“First of all, thanks to everyone who has reached out in support of Randy and each of us in this terrible situation. It’s noted and very much appreciated.

We have been keeping our heads down and not speaking out due to the fluid nature of the situation and the constantly changing information that even we receive daily. Within an hour, things can do endless 180’s. It’s maddening to try and make heads or tails.

We’re taking the time to speak to you as it has been a significant period of time since this situation began, and while nothing is immediately clear to any of us, we are not trying to keep anyone in the dark. We have reached out and are making use of the resources we have acquired to help our brother, who is still detained in a Czech jail.

In the two years since, we were never notified of anything related to this incident.

Randy is our brother and we assure you, we are all staying very positive for him, working endlessly behind the scenes to provide any and all assistance possible.

The best we can do is to stay positive and continue to support our friend that we know is innocent. We know justice will prevail, and we will continue to do our part to support our friend.”


Link to Donate to Randy’s Legal Fund


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  • Joe Bonselaar

    Good luck brother,  By the rule of Omerta, You are forgiven.

  • pablods

    he should not be in jail if you have watched the video of the incident you would know that its the security guys fault

  • Jramh2o

    this is just a shake down for money

  • Knuckles_Grymm

    Ok at what point does the American Embassy start get involved.

    • oneeyeddoll

      I got into legal trouble overseas and thought the same thing. I even called my embassy in that country, and they were very rude, refused to help me. I hope for Randy’s sake this is becoming enough of a public issue that they’ll take some action… I don’t think our embassies are focused on aiding American citizens these days. -k

  • Slaxx01

    i hope all works out man! keep your heads up, this is bullshit, oh and if any members of LOG actually read this, i had to pawn my ADLER ESP ECLIPSE to pay an attorney to get me off of something i was wrongfully accused of and ended up losing my fkin guitar that i worked my ass off to get, since i donated to help RANDY, would you help me get another ADLER ESP BACK PLEASE?? slaxx01@g mail

  • Slaxx01

    doesnt hurt to ask, and RANDY is INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST WATCH!!!!!! why cant they see that? looks to me like the guy was stage diving and was getting a friendly boost like you see at alot of shows….but then again, look what happened to DIME when security in the back obviously lacked so do i blame the security gaurd for for getting the dude offstage? IF thats what was going on and not a stage diver?? f no.. support OUR BROTHER IN METAL people!!!!!!! oh and again, ID really like my ADLER ESP eclipse back so that i can play and write more metal again, if you want to help a true FAN out that donated and helped Blythes cause and give back to the fans, help me get my ADLER ESP BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but stay metal all shall work out, just watch the tape…. keep your heads up guys… slaxx01@  gmail

  • Slaxx01

    the comment about helping me get my ADLER esp eclipse back is directed at LOG and affiliates, not fans…. and i wonder if LOG would help a guy get his ADLER signature esp back now that i cant afford another one for supporting RANDY and giving all that i could to the fund to support! i could really use some help myself I really want my guitar back!!!!!!!!!!!! help out one of your fans get his camo esp back!!!! cuz God knows i cant go buy another one ADLER!! yall keep ur heads up!! he’ll be home…and hopefully i can start jammin again “somehow” maybe LOG will help me and give back to a fan that helped BLYTHE!!! lol i highly doubt it, but who knows, the right person may read this, and just in case one of yall do read this and will help me get another ADLER eSp. slaxx01@ gmail