Lamb of God Singer to Remain in Prison for Another 10 Days

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been told by a Czech judge that he must remain in jail for at least another 10 days.

Blythe was arrested last week on manslaughter charges stemming from an incident that took place on May 24, 2010 at Prague’s Club Abaton, in which a fan was allegedly pushed from the stage, later dying from the resultant injuries.

There are conflicting reports at the moment over whether or not Blythe has paid the 4 million Czech crown ($200,000 U.S.) bail, but it looks like he will remain jailed for the next 10 days regardless.

A local report suggests that Blythe will have to remain in the Czech Republic until he answers the charges against him.

Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus, a fellow Virginia native, has expressed his concern over Randy’s fate, and says he is “alarmed by the lack of outrage in the entertainment community,” adding, “If this was a pop artist, the media would be all over this.”


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  • Ridingthestorm

    Of course they’re not all over this because it’s a metal musician and therefore he MUST be a violent person. 

  • Nick Watkins

    Well, let’s face it, Lamb of God isn’t a fucking pop group, and that’s what the media loves; nevertheless, if you kill someone, you deserve what you get in terms of judicial retribution, intentionally or otherwise.

    • billy jenkins

      Have you seen the video? His left hand is barely touching the dude as security pushes him offstage. The dude tried 3 times to get onstage and was turned back twice by security. Randy just happens to be the one arrested because they feel they gotta blame someone, how about blaming the jackass who was somewhere he knew he shouldn’t have been? Why not arrest the people in the crowd who didn’t catch him. Why not arrest the security guard that actually pushed him? Why don’t you know what you’re talking about before you convict him?

      • Fritz

         If this was in 2010, what  was he doing over there at this time?

        • Stealth_777

’s something called know..putting on shows for fans. The incident took place 2 years ago and the fan who died, died later, after the band had moved on to tour another country. I guess it took time for the facts to come out as to why the kid may have died. 

    • Huh

      By getting on the stage past security, the fan was trespassing into a paid private rental area, ownership going to the band and it’s record label.  By forcing someone out of your domain without a weapon (to my knowledge) is and should be legal.. then again this is another Country, and I have no idea what the laws are over there.  Also, the security guard forced the fan offstage, while he in the process of already jumping off.  Randy should have never been charged, since he was still holding the goddamn microphone, singing, AND Allegedly killing someone? I don’t think so…. IF SO … that’s some impressive multi-tasking… and yet, it’s very sad that a fan was “killed,” but stupidity was definately a factor in his case.  So I wouldn’t say Randy deserves it, since he never told or allowed this fan to come onstage in the first place.

    • SinnerStar6 The Congregation

      F ck u know the rest !!!

  • Joseph Kuehl

    by the video i’ve seen, it’s pretty obvious he didn’t kill the kid.  if someone is to blame, it’s the promoter for having shitty security at the venue.  

  • DaveS

    How ironic”Lamb of God”

  • Saber Blood Rose

    It’s pathetic how if your in any genre of metal. You are classified as a violent or potential threat just because of how you look. If it were to be some one from the pop culture like Justin Bieber(not a fan of him) but if he were. To be arrested in another country we would hear of it all over the news. Plus he would have more then likely been baled out maybe two days afterwards.

  • Vladdrac17

    aaaahhhhh all you metal peeps!!!! So you know if it was Justin Bieber he would of been out in matter of hours not days. That is the difference between the two worlds. I love metal and I so hate the media and its love for pop and gay ass shit. Now I seen the video and I said it before I am not a fan of lamb of god but I do say this is crap because the video does show the fat security guard pushing the most. So this is what should happen. GWAR should go over to the Czech republic and kill and destroy it and bring Randy home. Just cause I do not like LOG I still don’t want to see a guy be stuck in prison over seas. F that noise. So Oderus please feel free to do what you do best :)

  • Hadji

    too bad it’s not longer says the mighty mighty Hadji

  • oneeyeddoll


  • Jedibassgary

    Hang in there Brother Blythe all will be ok. We the metal comunity are pulling for you! Hail Lamb of God!

  • C2h5ohfreespirit

    This is an outrage! Why hasn’t there been more coverage on this??!!