Lamb of God’s Chris Adler Addresses Rumors that He Plays on Slipknot’s “The Negative One”


Since Slipknot ousted drummer Joey Jordison, the band has not revealed the identity of their new drummer. A rumor has been going around that it is Lamb of God’s Chris Adler (pictured left), based on the drumming heard on Slipknot’s new song “The Negative One.”

Adler recently spoke to ABC News Radio saying, “Right now I think silence is golden. Right now I don’t think those guys need me, or need me talking about it.”

He continued, “You know, I listened to it and I thought it sounded a little bit like me, too. At the moment, I just don’t recall doing it.”

Listen to Slipknot’s “The Negative One” below and tell us–is it Adler or someone else?

UPDATE: On August 14, Chris Adler posted the following clarification to his above statements on his official Facebook page: “I’ve received even more questions about my involvement with Slipknot since the ABC interview I did recently. The interview was originally about my new whiskey bar, but of course took a turn into the gossip of the day. As I told her, I’ve had and have nothing to do with it. I’m flattered with the association and comparisons, but I have no involvement in their record.”


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  • Dom Spizzirri

    As frustrating as this is, I love the guessing game of this. The anticipation of this record is probably going to be better than the record itself, but I don’t care. As long as they don’t just drop the entire thing at once randomly. I love that it’s slowly coming out.

  • poop daddy

    I don’t think Adler would play those bullshit poppy drum parts unless they paid him out the ass.
    Love old slipknot but LOG doesnt compare

    • Krozz

      Slipknot can’t hold LOG’s jock strap bro.

    • torture666killer

      Can’t compare? to what? the lame Marilyn Manson, kiss gimmick to get signed and get popular with whiny snot nosed punks who wanna slit their wrists because mommy and daddy didn’t pay their car insurance this month.? I listened to Slipknots first mainstream album the other day. It’s fucking rap metal. Limp Bizkit with faster riffs. Fucking gay!.I like some of their songs ,but just know there about as real as a strap on dong. Like the guy said, SLIpknot compared to LOG as far as musical tallent goes, couldn’t trim the ass hair on Lamb of God.

      • Robert Lavery

        SliPKnoT’s first mainstream album is rap metal, just like Limp Bizkit, who sounds like Marilyn Manson and Kiss.”
        Well, here’s a Lamb of God fan-boy if ever I heard one.
        Here’s an idea; if you want to claim to have listened to an album, don’t compare it to anything that sounds completely different if you want people to believe you.

        ‘Oh, yeah, I just heard Lamb of God’s first mainstream album; it’s just like Britney Spears but with distortion. Like, tchah… how’s my neck-beard and ill-fitted stripey shit? Tchah, fnah, fnah… I don’t care anyway, I’m sooo unique, tchah…’

        • torture666killer

          Get the cum outta your eyes. I never said SlipKNot sounded like Marilyn Manson or kiss, I wrote they use the same Paint our faces, put masks on Little kid shit to get popular. I think the girl pants your wearing are cutting off the cirulation to your brain. I’m not gonna say Slipknot sucks more Wang than a Vietnamese prostitute, but there definitely trying to win a popularity contest, the pussies.

          • Robert Lavery

            My mistake; you’re clearly offering a well thought out and objective view point, my very mature friend named ‘torture666killer’…

          • torture666killer

            Ya, well, fuck your opinion. And I fart in your general direction.

          • torture666killer

            You want mature? Your moms a fag! Hows that for mature?

        • DJ Scurvy

          I love Slipknot but there first album is very much rap metal. They’re one of the successful byproducts of KoRn and Limp Bizkit.

  • J Dubs

    This is not Adler.

  • Josh Praiswater

    That doesn’t sound like anything Adler has EVER done.

    • Alex Rollason

      would that not be because he’s going for a different sound for the different band?..

  • disqus_M2OtKNOg3E

    it is chris i got the studio footage

    • Tom Hanno

      prove it then

  • dr.Z

    the main thing that is keeping people wondering if it is or not is the snear sound chris’s snear is very distinctive and he also plays a lot of flairs in a lot of LOG songs and you can hear all that with in the new song from slipknot but just stop b****ing and just wate and see who it is

  • Paula Gilliland

    uh, not Adler. But it sounds so much like Joey it’s unreal…….

    • Brandon Sadler

      3 percussionists…how do we know after all thees years playing together they couldn’t match each other?..just a thought

  • Negativemrb

    Drum machine program I thought

  • Brandon Sadler

    idk who it is but i will say chris is one of my favorite drummers hands down..and with that..i say no….not enough high and low fills..C A is one of the best that way…if it is shame on me ..but i say its not ..4 now(prove me wrong?)

    • Tom Hanno

      true , unless he subdued his amazing style to fit this band. Aspects of the drums are reminiscent of what Chris does.

  • Doug Masters


    • Kalma Yoon

      Nah. His drumming skill isn’t good enough to play that 😛

  • konkhra

    All you fucktards bitching and moaning and worrying about this period… Don’t you have girlfriends to find or pizzas to deliver? Who gives a fuck? Dumbasses swearing it can’t be because it’s different? He would be a sorry ass drummer if he can’t do anything different, period. So get off his dick.

  • Christian Reese

    The negative one sounds awful. Where’s the bass? The drums sounds weird too, like they’re programmed on a computer.

    • Christian Retard

      You don’t know a fucking thing dude lol

      • Jango

        No you don’t.. it sounds fucking overtriggerd and gay !

        • Christian Reese

          I agree it sounds over triggered. It sounds cheap, like they recorded it in somebody’s living room. And where’s the bass?!!?

  • jgrem1978

    Who gives a shit if its Chris r not?the main thing is that Slipknot’s making new music and all u maggots out there should be happy about it.I mean look how long it took to expose them with no mask on.and FYI the mystery around this should make us all feel like we’re listening to the old Slipknot again.I’m excited about it!!!


    Non-issue… If you look at hundreds of legendary bands albums, you will find many, many other musicians that are not in the group that play this or that. It never mattered before and it doesn’t matter now. Listen to the music, thats all one needs to do.

  • Joseph William Villanueva

    I hope it’s Chris Adler!

  • Jaman

    Maybe Mike Portnoy. Maybe he wants to join Slipknot yes?

  • Tom Hanno

    I like how he says “Right now, I just dont recall doing it” so does that mean after the album comes out and his name is in it he’ll recall, or is he just being sarcastic and keeping the myth going?

  • Mike Ross

    Being an LOG fan since American Gospel thr similarity is uncanny. Jusy have to wait till the beans are spilled.

  • Someone who should know

    Definitely Animal from the Muppets. I saw him in Des Moines and put 2 and 2 together.