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Lesbian Pick the Five Strangest Band Names

Lesbian Pick the Five Strangest Band Names

Seattle's self-described "psycho-prog-doom" band Lesbian have a band name you may not expect for a bunch of dudes with long hair and beards. Because of their unlikely moniker, Revolver asked the band what they think the strangest band names really are.

The group will release its third full-length and Translation Loss debut, Forestelevison, on June 25. The album is a single song that's 44-plus minutes of prog-influenced doom metal.



1. Fungal Abyss "These guys are really good friends of ours. They're tripped out. A Google image search will enlighten you from your head to your fungal toejam!"

2. Kreamy 'Lectric Santa "We played with them and they're reaalllly tripped out. They seem like they are part of something the rest of us don't know about yet. Kreamy and 'lectric smooth, like Santa's buttcheek!"

3. The Suffering Fuckheads "These dudes are a local jazz/grind improv duo with drums and Hammond organ. They play every Tuesday at a bar where you have to walk through a giant vagina to get to the showroom!"

4. Vulva Throne "NeKhronick pornogrind from Slovenia. We played with them on our last European tour. They have choreographed dance moves that will blow your mind. A total good time!"

5. Haiti Turtle "The worlds's best Hate Eternal cover band. They play the songs half speed with lots of steel drums and endless amounts of delay. From the darkest depths of Haiti!"

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