Limp Bizkit Premiere New Music Video, “Endless Slaughter”


A few weeks ago, Limp Bizkit released a new song, “Endless Slaughter,” for free download via their official website. Now they’ve released a music video for the track. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Justme

    WHAT….THE….FUCK?!?! Just turrrable.

  • Rew

    This beats everything on the radio right now.

  • Mario

    What is this shit??

  • jamie

    Nice and raw. Haters gonna hate

  • BigPat Yum Yum

    1st part of the video is not that good to me.If Fred would have NOT used security maybe?Song is tight.

  • itsjuicetime

    what a pile of trash

  • Jeremy Perrow

    I like it.

  • Alexandre Jean Marc Girard

    Very different from their original style but I kinda like it

  • Josh Rowe

    Meh…. not feeling this.


    Well they have wandered far from where they started. First 4 were very good and progressed well without losing who they were as a band. This just sounds like crap. Results May Vary was the last good album they made sadly. Basically after 2004 these guys were non existent to the rock world.

  • Dables

    Decent song. Pretty raw but rocks pretty hard. I liked this, but as usual the lyrics are pretty lame and so is the video.


    Boiler is still my favorite track they have ever made.

  • Jeff Wilson


  • marshall

    Never like limp bizkit much. Some songs I dont mind. Not saying they suck…just not my style of music. Listened to this with an open mind thinking im interested to see what they’ve evolved to after all this time….all I can say is…..what. the. Fuck. Was. That? I thought at first this was a prank. It sounds like it was done as a joke. It’s the most juvenile sounding piece of garbage ive ever heard coming from a mainstream band.

  • Douglas Young

    So this is 3 or 4 songs.. and I’m pretty sure the last one is Cypress Hill.

  • JamesRae

    I can’t help thinking I would love a new LB album if Fred retired and they had a different singer.