Limp Bizkit Premiere New Song, “Endless Slaughter,” Offer Free Download


Limp Bizkit have released a new song, “Endless Slaughter,” for free download via their official website. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • That Guy

    Complete shit

    • Chris J Arnot

      You have the best comment hands down lol!!!!! COMPLETE SHIT!

  • Pillar

    All I could think to say is what the f—?

  • Negativemrb

    I’m happy different parts different styles and approaches

  • Xanthus

    Seriously…WTF…This song is all over the place and the lyrics are complete nonsense. What ever happened to making a rock or metal track with a solid ass rhythm and some lyrics that had purpose.

  • bob smith

    Complete Crap its ashame sorry Fred this Sucks (AKA used to be a fan )

  • deacon_blue


  • superchargedfury

    The new album should be called Still Suckin lol

    • kmdyf


  • Art Vandelay

    Straight garbage

  • Jason Robinson

    I can see why they are offering it as a free download. I wouldn’t pay for that crap

  • Grinder

    Loved their last album, but I’m really scratching my head over this track!

  • Guest

    Melody where?

  • Rich

    I like it (i don’t everything is Awesome); I’m pleased to hear something fresh from the band (and Fred’s flow is dope in the beginning). The bass line here in the middle is good.

    • Sarah B

      I don’t think we are listening to the same song.

  • L-m Ahouin

    Actually I think I will start playing spoons and it will be so much more exciting….and heavy….oh heck let’s add some banjo….

  • InkedZombie

    After wondering what happened to the Bizkit I see Nothing that song blows… And Wes loose the costume man you look as shitty has the music your making…..

  • Jon Phil

    this song is shit

  • Jeremy Michael Burd

    Generally, with experience… you get better at what you do. This does not apply here. This is like a fat chick wearing skinny jeans with complementary muffin top. Not one person cared enough to say, “hey, you prolly shouldn’t do that”.

    • Victoria Price

      Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

      • Marcus Swadling

        yes, fred did

  • bLu607

    Come on man….I could write better lyrics. Disappointed….I think LB could be great again if they were given the right direction.

  • Sarah B

    I was in my teens when Limp Bizkit broke through and became huge. Their music influenced my tastes and I found comfort in listening to Chocolate starfish when I was having a bad day. Something about their music made everything seem better in my angsty teen years. I am at a loss of what has happened to the Bizkit we all used to love. I cannot believe that they would actually release this crap and think it’s good.

  • Jasin

    5.37 min of my life I will never get back…

  • Stephanie Costa

    not impressed…

  • CyndiRox

    definitely, not impressed…

  • CyndiRox

    but seriously….WTF?!

  • Filipus

    Sad really sad!!

  • ghost13

    the first 3rd of the song is kinda weak, but the rest especially the instrumentals are dope and i do like the pink elephant beat rap at the end. could have been 3 songs expanded which would help. one thing i know about the limp is that i loved the 1st album and most of the 2nd then hated til gold cobra which was still not perfect but at least they are all staying together and working the melodies out. wes back is so essential.

  • Rob B


  • joe73

    I can see none of you listened to Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$… This song takes me back

  • TheIcon

    Took a few listens but I like it. Its def different then what I expect from them.