Limp Bizkit Release Lyric Video for “Gold Cobra”

Nu-metal heavyweights Limp Bizkit have just released a new lyric video for the single “Gold Cobra” which is featured on the upcoming album of the same name, available everywhere June 28th. The clip features frontman Fred Durst wearing a Storm Trooper helmet from Star Wars, while editing some footage on his computer. Awesome? or does it make you want to break stuff? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Warlock104

    I am loving the sound of the new cd sounds like the old limp bizkit with a twist.

  • Niceclr

    Yeah totally cool!!! Only about elleven years too late. Better luck w/ a come back in your next life boys:)

  • Godsmoke

    That shiz is wack. The overall vibe is ok for 1999 but the lyrics are shit.

  • Bash Fr: Mt. Currie, B.C.

    Man, Fred Durst’s lyrics have always been so juvenile. If He was ever trying to be Dr. Dre, someone has to tell him even Dr. Seuss had it down better. Stick to the moves Fred, I like “The Longshots”. Durst at his worst, but I still like the tunes. Ever wonder why Limp Bizkit disappeared after Wes Borland left, because Wes took the talent with him.

  • idolmaniac

    Old style,new power.My heros are beck,better than ever!!!