Linkin Park Premiere New Song, “Guilty All the Same, ” Featuring Rakim

linkin park

Linkin Park have unveiled the first single off their yet untitled forthcoming album, which is expected this summer. Check out the song, “Guilty All the Same,” below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • nyislesfan42

    I really hope their next album is more like this than like A thousand suns. I’ll admit I was a fan of reanimation. was odd not hearing any Mike on this song, but i’m definitely a fan of Rakim.

  • Sergio Martinez

    Definitely better than their recent sound their old stuff is the reason why I got into them in the first place keep up the good work Rakim adds a kick Just like in their old stuff!!!!

  • Doomdog

    Sounds like My chemical romance ! Ergo shite

    • MB

      You’re clearly deaf, clean your ears sir

  • brian olnhausen

    They have always sucked and this song proves that they aren’t getting any better!!

    • MB

      Your comment sucks way more you stupid troll

  • Chester’s Vocal Coach

    Chester has never sounded better than the first minute and a 1/2 of this song.

  • saint

    It is good that they decided to go with natural instruments again than using MIDI.The song has some great riffs but nothing special.They can do better.They have done better.

  • Andrew Engelhardt

    That was pure bs on a scale of suck to shit.

  • rand0msan1ty

    Having always liked Linkin Park, this song is definately has their unique sound to it…. My guess is alot of the people posting negative stuff aren’t really fans… which begs the question… why the fuck did you click on the link and watch the video in the first place?

  • Chronic

    Why write about Linkin Park at all? They’re not Heavy Metal. Never has been, never will be. There were some decent songs on the debut album, but since then.. Like King Midas idiot brother, everything they touch turns to shit, “Anti Midas touch”.

  • The random guy

    For fuck sake why the fuck are people dissing Linkin Park this song is fucking awesome and there’s no doubt about it. Those who are dissing Linkin Park how about you fuck off and listen to Justin bieber. Be fucking thankful LP have gone back to the roots of Nu Metal and if you don’t like LP then why the fuck did you come to this page and leave a fucking comment in the first place. It’s fair to say that old school LP are back and get ready to expect songs similar to classics such as In The End and One Step Closer.

    Rock On Linkin Park!

  • pspblink

    jeez like to a higher quality version please.
    Linkin Park – Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)

  • THE toot

    if you don’t like them then don’t be an ass kisser, pricks!