Linkin Park Appear on Cover of New Issue, Talk Getting Booed at Ozzfest, Why “Rock Music Sucks,” and Their Heaviest Album Yet


This is an excerpt from the all-new August/September 2014 issue of Revolver, which is available online now right here and will hit newsstands July 29. For the rest of this story, plus features on Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest, Suicide Silence, Every Time I Die, Body Count, King 810, and a lot more, check out the issue.

By Dan Epstein

It’s a blisteringly hot afternoon in the summer of 2001, and the thousands of drunk and sunburnt headbangers in attendance at the Toronto stop of this year’s North American Ozzfest tour are in a deeply foul mood.

Already enraged to the boiling point by Crazy Town’s flaccid set of sub-Chili Peppers rap rock, they are considerably less than stoked to see fellow Southern California nu-metallers Linkin Park take the stage; before Chester Bennington can even grab the microphone for the first song of their set, the band is already being pelted with a rain of cans, CDs, and other detritus so torrential that Revolver—initially observing the show from just off to the side of the stage—is forced to take cover behind guitarist Brad Delson’s wall of guitar amps.

And yet the band plays on, feeding off the crowd’s energy and blasting it right back. Though Linkin Park’s songs, drawn entirely from their 2000 debut ‘Hybrid Theory,’ are more pop- and rap-oriented than many of the metalheads in attendance would prefer, the band’s high-energy performance—which includes Bennington whirling about the stage while wrapped in a Canadian flag—eventually wins over most of the once-antagonistic audience. Even the angry fat kid in the front row who doggedly chants “Fuck you! Fuck you!” throughout most of the set proves no match for Linkin Park’s steady assault; by the time the band leaves the stage, he’s slumped exhaustedly over the stage barrier like a doughy rag doll…

“I think a lot of those Ozzfest shows were like that,” laughs Linkin Park co-frontman Mike Shinoda, as he and Bennington relax and reminisce with Revolver outside their North Hollywood rehearsal space in May 2014. “We’d have the stage for maybe 30 minutes, and we spent the entire time trying to get them on our side.”

“Even if they didn’t like our music,” adds Bennington, “we wanted them to go away saying, ‘Man, that was a kickass show!’”

Thirteen years after being steeled in the crucible of Ozzfest, and millions of record sales later, Linkin Park have grown into one of America’s biggest rock bands. But now they’re ratcheting the kick-ass up another notch: Their new album, ‘The Hunting Party,’ is not only the hardest and heaviest thing they’ve ever released, but it’s also their first album to pack the sort of guitar firepower that would actually appeal to your average headbanger. If they’d released this album back in 2001, perhaps Linkin Park—who head out on the Carnivores Tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI on August 8—wouldn’t have had to work so hard to win over the Ozzfest crowds that summer.

“This isn’t the heaviest record in the world,” Bennington says, “but this is the heaviest Linkin Park record. You have to put it in the context of Linkin Park, not in the context of heavy music, because then it makes sense.”

“We know that Slayer exists,” seconds Shinoda. “We know that Exodus exists, right? So we’re not going to say we wrote a ‘heavy’ record, in comparison.”

But while it’s true that ‘The Hunting Party’ isn’t going to make anyone forget ‘South of Heaven’ or ‘Bonded by Blood,’ its potent mixture of punk, thrash and hard rock—as heard on such bracing tracks as “Keys to the Kingdom,” “Guilty All the Same,” “Mark the Graves,” and “A Line in the Sand”—is a pretty a ballsy move from a band that’s drifted deep into experimental/electronic territory on their two most recent albums, 2010’s ‘A Thousand Suns’ and 2012’s ‘Living Things.’

The abrupt change in musical course, says Shinoda, happened last August, when he happened upon a lengthy post on ‘Pigeons and Planes,’ one of his favorite blogs. A lament for the current state of rock, which came with the self-explanatory title “Rock Music Sucks Now and It’s Depressing,” the essay struck a deep chord with Shinoda. “I totally connected with what this guy was saying,” he says. “He was a rock fan, and he was a little bit bummed out that rock didn’t have the pull that it used to have, and that the rock genre has so many bands in it that you wouldn’t really classify as ‘rock’—people like Mumford and Sons, and Lorde. And I totally understood where he was coming from, because I feel like I’m listening to a lot of stuff on rock radio that sits somewhere between a car commercial and Nick Jr. It’s so safe, so OK to listen to with mommy and daddy…”

Shinoda had already submitted multiple demos to the band for their follow-up to ‘Living Things’ when he came across the post. His first reaction was to pen a thoughtful response that was published by the blog, one which concluded, “At the end of the day, a movement will never be about one song, one album, or one band. A movement requires leaders who are restless, brave, and fucking disruptive.” And then, as if to underline his own words, he proceeded to toss his demos out and start over in a more aggressive direction.

“It all finally clicked one day,” he says. “I was listening to the stuff I was writing, and I realized it was so derivative. It wasn’t cutting edge, it wasn’t ahead of the curve, and it wasn’t doing the things that I wanted to listen to. I’d already played the stuff to the guys, and they were like, ‘Yeah, we like that, let’s do that!’ And then, the next time I saw them, I was like, “You know those songs I already played you, that you liked? I want to throw them in the trash…and I want to do this.”

Bennington was immediately on board with Shinoda’s new direction. “Chester, to his credit, he got where I was coming from right away,” says Shinoda, “but that’s not surprising, because that’s totally in his wheelhouse. He was like, ‘I want to do that all day!’”

“The bands I was listening to when I was growing up were all doing really innovative shit—Jane’s Addiction, Alice in Chains, Nirvana,” Bennington explains. “And I listened to a lot of punk music like Subhumans, Exploited, the Descendants, the Misfits… I even got into Napalm Death when I was about 13. And I would have killed anyone who put on any kind of pop in my presence. Bands like the Refreshments and the Rembrandts, that music fucking angers me to this day. And the same thing is happening now, where there’s all this stuff that feels like the soundtrack to ‘Friends’ or ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place.’”

The other members of the band—Delson, bassist Dave Farrell, drummer Rob Bourdon, and DJ/keyboardist Joe Hahn—took a little longer to come around, however. Though Shinoda has emerged over the years as Linkin Park’s main songwriter (“Everyone in the band writes songs, but mine mostly seem to be the ones that everyone votes for,” he shrugs), Delson has been his main musical foil throughout. “In the studio, Brad and I are the ones really pushing stuff forward,” he says. “We could only do what Chester and I wanted to do if Brad got on board. But in the beginning, he was humoring me. He was just doing it because I wanted him to do it.”

This is an excerpt from the all-new August/September 2014 issue of Revolver, which is available online now right here and will hit newsstands July 29. For the rest of this story, plus features on Avenged Sevenfold, Judas Priest, Suicide Silence, Every Time I Die, Body Count, King 810, and a lot more, check out the issue.


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  • one5150

    What’s that? Rock is dead? If it wasn’t, it is now.

    • Alex Moore

      Have you tried listening to the album?

    • Skunk

      Someone didn’t read as to why it is…

      • one5150

        Of course I did, and I don’t hate LP, but it’s not hard rock or metal, like they are talking it up to be.

        • Rian Flaherty

          Um, what? I’d disagree with the metal tag, sure, but I’ve heard the album. That’s DEFINITELY a rock album. Whether it’s good or not is entirely up to you, but saying it’s not a rock album is just straight up denial.

        • BAMM

          They didn’t talk it up to be that. Did you FINISH the article? It states Shinoda saying they’re not comparing themselves to Slayer or Exodus (basically they aren’t saying it’s METAL heavy) they’re saying it’s Linkin Park heavy, which it is. Its not as punk rock and rough like Hybrid Theory but its still heavy for them.

    • ymoyo

      The new OM&M record is good

      • one5150

        I’ll check it out. Check out Winery Dogs and Rival Sons.

    • one5150

      I read the article, alright, and listened to the two videos as well. They even managed to make the great Daron Malakian sound foofy. It’s still very much pop, and they will continue to get pummeled by trash if they think they belong at Ozzfest, a huge mismatch. You can like them if you want, that’s what’s great about music! Still is not rock.

      • kiki Maddocks

        Well I could honestly say that if I turned up the new album loud alot of the older people i know would hate it as its to rock, maybe for a generation that likes to hear music so heavy your ears bleed that it seems tame ……. but mcfly are poprock n well I wouldn’t put linkin park there linkin park definitely get placed with rock not heavy metal but hey they aren’t claiming to be metal.

  • yo

    Linkin PArk’s new album is freakin amazing. They ROCK

  • UchihaName

    LP’s new album is the best so far. I followed them ever since their first album and they got me into rock thankfully, and some rap too.

    I like the direction they took!

  • Rikardo Duràn

    Sorry man… your heaviest album is still Hybrid Theory. This new album is also really good, but is not that heavy. It’s, maybe… the 2nd or 3rd best LP album IMO.

    • yo

      nope…the new one is way harder. LISTEN TO IT

  • Patrick van Mierlo

    Ya’ll should listen to the band Tool once :’)

    • yo

      tool is awesome also

  • ChevelleFAN77

    I used to be so into this band as a teen. Hybrid Theory and Meteora heavily influenced my guitar playing and why I loved rock. When MTM came out, I wasn’t impressed but I was like “okay this is their experimental album and every artist is entitled to that one album, it’s all good.” And then the subsequent album came out. I was heartbroken and confused. When the next album came out (shows you how much I followed them, I can’t even remember the album’s names!) I was just straight up mad. They completely went the wrong way for me. You can imagine my excitement when I heard that their latest release was going to be heavy. So I listened to it and was infuriated once again. The album has so many genres of rock on it so it’s like the album has ADD. Secondly, why the heck are Rob’s drums mixed so horribly? It sounds like he is hitting a pillow. At this point, I believe that Linkin Park is so far gone that they don’t even know where they began which justifies why they put every genre of rock on the record. As I said, every artist is entitled to one experimental record in my book. Linkin Park just decided to forget their roots. Heck you can tell how much they have changed if you listen to the live version of “Papercut” from Live in Texas vs. a live version in the 2010s. I also don’t appreciate how they were bashing on rock today. THEY ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    • RK

      I saw them in Lisbon this year when they began their European Tour. I was so excited when they began with their old songs and for a moment I thought LP was back, but after 30 minutes of a great fkn show and they using all of their top songs I think the guy that was standing next to me said everything that needed to be said. “I came here to hear LP, not Adelle”, although in my opinion the show so techno and pop that I thought I was at a cheap night club

    • Augustine Vega

      no no no, stfu, don’t you realize what they’re doing? they can’t just go all out with their heaviness right away or anything like that! they have to get the majority to join them in order to change the way they see music and rock, so they can allow people to follow the revolution. so shut your ass up, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

    • one5150

      Dead on, bro. Look at the “Rock” charts on Billboard some time. Adele is considered a rock band, so if that’s how they categorize, then it makes sense. The drums are the first thing I noticed as lacking, is there no kick drum?

    • Borreh

      I loved LP as a kid but then I grew up – and so did my music taste. So when I went back to them after 10 years of listening to doom metal, death, prog, eventualy industrial, noise, neoclassical, folk etc., I found their first albums to be enjoyable in a nostalgic manner but also incredibly dull and simplistic. I was freaking surprised when I learned they completely changed direction and I found A Thousand Suns and Living Things to be actually very well written albums and much above the level of an average pop band. Sure, they aren’t agressive, but they are miles more interesting than whatever they did before and actualy quite experimental. It’s really something to be a big-selling band like LP and be brave enough to mix and match genres like they did on previous albums. I have a feeling the new album is a step back into the kindergarten audience-friendly territory but I’ll see that when I’ll listen to it.

    • tanzil qazi

      dude you are so stupid… after 7 years your voice won’t be the same and for me they sound better live than they used back then

  • kiki Maddocks

    I love the new album along with the first and many songs in between like ‘from the inside’ etc.
    Though I don’t understand why people should expect a certain sound from certain bands . And isn’t all music experimental , an expression of what they feel, see and hear. And if we don’t feel it for a song doesn’t mean it’s rubbish well in linkin parks case anyway

  • Logan Jacobs

    I’m waiting for Slipknot and the new Foos

  • Tyler Durden

    Linkin Park is up there with Nickelback and Limp Bizkit as far as the worst rock bands go. This constant whine of I AM DIFFERENT SO THIS IS HOW I FEEL crap… Get the fuck over it. And Chester looks very unhealthy.

    • Gary

      You create a Profile based on a character from a bad Brad Pitt movie and you feel as though your opinion has some merit. LOLOLOOLOLOL..

      Please try again..

      • Ányos Eleőd

        LINKIN PALK!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeeee

    • BAMM

      You seem to only observe the surface level of things, you’ll find that life (and in this case, music) is much more interesting when you look a tad bit deeper.

      Also it’s hard to agree with your assertion that those are bad bands considering the rock genre’s preference of their songs.

    • tanzil qazi

      That dude is busy as fuck. world tour with LP in 2012. touring with Stone temple pilots as their leadsinger and working on a new album and going on tour again just for the fans. Working on a soundtrack for a movei directed by joe hahn. I would be dead but he’s doing good. and stfu

  • Cgg

    How is this any different than anything else they’ve put out? Sounds like the same formula they’ve been following for the past 10+ years and really not as good. Another LP release I won’t buy.

    • tanzil qazi

      What sort of bullshit are you talking about?? Each album is diffrent to me. HT and Meteora are maybe not so diffrent but MTM and the others are not comparable so stfu

  • Stanton Brasher

    Why the dig at The Refreshments? They were a Southern Rock band that might have had some catchy tunes, but were no way a “pop” band. Their instrumentation was more skillful than anything LP has ever done and their lyrics make LP’s look pretty vague and rudimentary. And they sound nothing like The Rembrandts.

  • yo

    you all are just lame haters. Linkin PArk’s entire history of Albums are amazing. and I think 85 Million other people agree

  • Zoé T.K

    Really enjoyed your last album, as I still love listening to it on repeat. But linkin park shouldn’t feel the need to change just because it’s what others expect off them. If you (Linkin Park) do decide to carry on with more heavy music, could you atleast carry on making some like your old songs such as ‘new divide’, ‘bleed it out’, ‘what I’ve done’ etc. I’d really miss it if you stopped that all together.

    • Kiddesh

      Calling songs like New Divide “old” is exactly why your comment is invalid. Old is Hybrid Theory, or Meteora, along with their less than famous albums like Underground.

      • tanzil qazi

        The last “old styled” song was qwerty but I don’t mind old or new LP. There is always one LP and I love each album they have made. In future they will be the new rolling stones.(not exactly RS but a legendary band

    • DontLlikePersonAboveMe

      Do you even understand/read what they have told to the numerous interviews as of yet? They are NOT making music because they they feel it it NEEDED. That is SO WRONG to say, really really wrong. They have never dont that, and saying so is completely false.

      To be honest, this sounds like you just want to have a song like this, a song like this and a song like this. But the new ones aren’t like that. So you bitch around. And even call the tracks you mention “old”. What a fucking joke.

  • Andrew Kalaydjian

    Been listening a long time. These guys are always evolving their sound. If they made the same old album over and over everyone would be complaining too. I will admit the last release had me worried a bit but The Hunting Party makes up for it. Just give a listen straight through, Its awesome! I would have loved to hear some more electronic elements but I’ll take it away. Great job Linkin Park. I’m going to see them in concert in August and can’t wait.

  • Lizz C.

    Smh. Everyone who has said negative things on here needs to stop. LP has always done a remarkable job with each different sounding album they put together. But you all need to get it through your head that even tho they may be successful partially because of their fans, they don’t have to revolve their music around us. They are a band to make music because it’s what they love to do. They aren’t here to write music every person in the world will like, to make radio stations play their songs, or to even get number one hits. So stop being so damn stubborn and get over yourself. Whether you like change and experimenting yourself is your choice but you don’t have to shit talk them because they don’t make music you like, or that you think is cool, or that you think is “their style”. They make music for the love of it, and to express themselves and their lives which is what you all don’t seem to understand. So until you can get that, just shut up please.

  • SixUK

    I like the song linked above, but it’s far from what I’d class as their heaviest work. One Step Closer or Hit The Floor outweigh this by tonnes.

    • 101nemesis

      You need to listen to War and Keys to the Kingdom.

    • Michael Callender

      Two levels of HEAVIEST. This is the heaviest GUITAR and DRUM rock album they have released, even a touch of Dead by Sunrise on this album, more of a chester inspired album, bringing back the drums, guitars, riffs, lyrics and screams of Chester. HT songs will always be my favorite, but this album just ads another dimension and another 5 or so songs that mix in VERY WELL in the live shows.

  • Master Bates

    It makes me sad that Linkin hasn’t gone into the rock hall of fame, or that a thousand suns isn’t considered one of the most incredible, perfect albums of all time. It makes me sad that Linkin park doesn’t get enough recognition for charities and kindness. It makes me mad that their new album is their worst selling album. The Hunting Party > ht+meteora
    Bring on the revolution!!!

    • Awoken

      A band is eligible for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 25 years after the release of their debut, you still have to wait 11 years for that.

    • Epicat

      By the time they’re eligible for the rock in roll hall of fame, I’m sure A thousand suns would be considered gold. It kind of reminds of the time MTM came out. That album got a lot of criticism back then. But now it’s praised as one of their best albums.

  • Zafir Parmar

    Linkin Park suck

  • Aqdas Khan

    Linkin Park was the best and will be the best. .. They really have a real music.. They really rock it

  • Ginny

    Linkin park is real rock roll band
    This new album is return who they are

    • Christoph

      who they are is “papercut”, not this. they’re trying to be more heavy rock. that’s not their fan base. I’m their fan. I’ve seen them 4 times and have multiple shirts. I’ve bought all their cds.

      • Michael Callender

        If your a FAN, then you know PAPERCUT is not who LP is. LP is filled with True ARTISTS that have no choice but to grow, change direction, try something new and their albums POST numetal HT and Meteora have all had some good songs, Great songs, and bad songs. HT and Meteora will always be their best, this album though after you get used to the change like the rest of their albums are really strong and if you have seen them live, I have never missed a LP live tour, then you cant walk away from a show without saying DAMN all those songs and that setlist WERE AWESOME. The mix of OLD and NEW LP live is what makes linkin park TOP TIER rock/rap bands of all time

        • Christoph

          I’m allowed to not to like this album. Did you read why they made this album? Because fucking Shindoa read a fucking blog about rock being dead. Who the fuck cares? LP had something authentic and it’s NOT this album. I’m still a fan but fuck this album. Peace.

          • Christoph

            and fuck the Aoki album too! garbage.

  • ReaderG

    Living Things had some nice ideas but a couple of terrible songs ruined it. Lies Greed Misery is by far the worst Linkin Park song ever- lazy lyrics, uninspired keys, tacky beats etc. The Hunting Party makes a better listen, but it sounds incomplete. It lacks the polish and completeness that the previous albums have. Until It’s Gone sounds really uninspired, and the music could’ve benefited from better lyrics/arrangements. Nice direction though.

  • Andrew Leemon

    This is not Linkin Park’s heaviest album; not by a long way, maybe oul Chester was too drugged up (not necessarily a bad thing) to remember his hybrid theory days although this is arguably heavier than the ‘music’ they shat out after that but this has none of the drug fuelled uncleans of Hybrid Theory. I WAS a linkin park fan; a massive fan, but in my view Mr Hahn has had a lot of pull in the band over the past few years based on the musical direction (of course he should have a say) but in this listener’s humble opinion it was terrible and still is. So unorganic, electronic, commercial (note I did not say sell-out because I honestly believe they are not trying to simply sell more albums), synthetic with no raw vocals; full of feelings and emotion, but not sung with any conviction or dare I say it hate that made hybrid theory so successful. Many of you would spit in my direction if I was not saying this over a keyboard and as is your right to an opinion. But thousands of fans who have left this band have obviously heard what I hear and like many genres Nu metal was somewhat killed by Linkin Park changing their tune (pardon the pun). Honestly I should probably not have written this and like many ex-LP fans have simply ignored everything they output or like the fat man in the crowd have just shouted ‘fuck you’ every time I hear their music, but there’s always this hope inside me that maybe they can come back from the brink and thus this is what has prompted me to write this. However after this album I might unlike, unsubscribe and unfollow everything LP related because as they say ‘I’m getting to old for this shit’ and much like my faith I no longer think I believe.

    • Michael Callender

      I was a fan from DAY 1, before they were famous, before HT. I am still a fan and older now, 38YO. I sort of felt this way, not to this extent, but HT and METEORA to me will always be a level that LP can not get back, but it had its time and STILL TO THIS DAY, I can listen to both albums on REPEAT start to finish and it is better than most music released this decade. I did however enjoy all the later albums. I think they grew up, I think they changed, but I also think we would have just the same amount of hate or EX fans if they DID NOT transform and grow and played the same NUMETAL sound of HT. This album, I do feel they hit another strong stride though, and the songs sound really well, with 5 or 6 GREAT tracks, strong guitars, lyrics, vocals that sound awesome LIVE. And LIVE is where this band is its greatest. When they play a setlist of old and NEW LP all the songs sound incredible. I think that is GENIUS. I have enjoyed their change, enjoyed each album ON ITS OWN MERIT and this album is by far the closest to HT, and Is the hardest guitars, sounds for LP, but your key words are HATE and DRUGS, which is why HT and METEORA were SOO GOOD. The next ablums were older artists, growing, the hate was gone and they just made good music. I love they never sell out and do what they want in music and I love how they have grown. Do I miss HT and Metoera, kind of, but I can always play those albums if I want to hear that. I still think LP is one of the best rock/rap bands ever and will hold there own for years to come.

      • Andrew Leemon

        I take a lot of what you say on board, and also thank you for a reply that can continue the mature intellectual debate rather than some of the other commenters on this telling people what they should do or think if they do not agree with a certain viewpoint. I agree there would have been a fallout from some fans if they had stayed with HT or Meteora sound but maybe something not quite as catastrophic as what I’ve seen in reality; made worse by the scenes Chester and Mike have portrayed above. I also have matured as the LP have and maybe my move further toward the hardcore reaches of rock and metal inevitably made sure that I would not enjoy anything further LP produced. But as the band and certainly Mike admitted the last album was garbage, stating he wanted to ‘throw it on the trash’. They are coming back around to proper rock but as stated above other members of the band seem reluctant. Personally I am enjoying Chester with the Stone Temple Pilots more than LP.

        • Adalric

          I’d rather them experiment and try new things to see if they work then sit and play the same things over and over again. I think this is one of the ways artist can grow and keep bringing people in even if an album wasn’t great. Living things had some pretty good songs on it and it had it’s bad ones, and i think thousand suns i could only really listen to 3 or 4.

          Like you said though the hunting party is a step in the right direction for them. Maybe the next album they make will have that “wow” factor that both Hybrid theory and Meteora had when they released those. I’m definitely sitting here waiting as a fan for it. Besides if you can’t take the good’s with the bad’s then why be a fan at all.

  • bibhu

    in my point of view “the hunting party ” is not the heaviest by linkin park.hybrid theory and meteora are the best ones having multiple monster rock songs .yes i admit that the haunting party consists a few heavy rock tracks and i liked the album in overall.

    But linkin park is the most evolved band with respect to make musics of different tastes. And switching to different genre is not that easy what i mean is if you consider artists like jb and one direction you will find their songs are the same type in most of their album but linkin park has done it effectively.they have got different taste in music like ht and meteora are the rock genre but minutes to midnight,a thousand suns,living things are the albums that consists more music variants that you CAN NOT FIND IN ANY OTHER ALBUM BY OTHER ARTIST.then the new album by lp is a rock track again.switching to the genre from any other form to electronic rock is very much difficult and i appreciate that the most as a huge fan of them.

    • Adalric

      tbh this is their most heaviest track. meteora and hybrid theory where strong but more on the low side of hard rock. listen to wastelands or final masquerade these two are great songs not heavy but heavy enough to pull it out of rock and put it into the hard rock genre. Then there’s all for nothing the bass in that song is phenomenal. I don’t think most of their older songs had that much bass to it unless hans added some to the mix. Rebellion is also another hard hitter. Plenty of shredding and great mix of drums and bass.
      Pappercut was more suttle then the songs they’ve created now. One step closer i find mostly hits home with the new album because his screaming and the use of the instruments to make it a heavier song.

      As for meteora I find that album had plenty of songs that where has hard or harder then some of the songs on the hunting party. But remember they’re talking about the album as a hole not individual songs on it that stand out. The hunting party has maybe 1 semi slow song on it, whereas on both Hybrid Theory and Meteora there about 2-3 songs that are slower or not as hard which is why they label The Hunting Party as their hardest album.

      • bibhu

        yaah i agree with you to some extend . i liked the whole album as their revolution to electronic rock songs.and except some of the songs it would have been a perfect rock album they could claim .i truly liked the songs like keys to kingdom,guilty all the same,rebellion,war as hardcore rock songs that any one cant deny to their status of rock category.

        but except the rock ones i liked the songs final masquerade, line in the sand and wastelands .the song drew bar was an actual comfort.

        but the major fault that they turned to their advantage is the imperfection in finishing.if you clearly notice unlike their previous records this one consists of 2 may be 3 songs with extended endings consisting of extra sounds and effects.and more time gaps [about 4 secs]between some songs like line in the sand and mark the graves.

        in a way it is the representation of their hardcore punk rock style which satisfies the album as a whole for a rock critics but for a ordinary non linkin park listener it will be a major fault and they will be annoyed to some extend.

        as linkin park said it is a rock album i can accept their style with no faults.

  • Bárbara Patricia Cevasco

    I’m now convinced that Linkin Park will always touch my heart with their songs. Every new song i listen to surprise me. I’ve listen to the Hunting Party like a thousand times already and it never gets boring, their music has just to much passion and dedication and you can tell just by the lyrics, the way the instruments all come together so natural … i think they’re like wine, they just get better over the years, they have done it all by now, they’re unstoppable… i hope this doesn’t come out like i’m saying it in a fan girl mode…

    • bibhu

      yaah .. i recommend you should listen their underground sessions if you haven’t . there are some mind blowing songs that made every listener think why this is not in their official albums.

      p.s.- linkin park is supper loyal to their fans .coz they include unreleased tracks and demos splly for us fans.

      judging your listening style i prefer to you the lpu sessions 9 onward. i am sure you will not regret it. =D