Linkin Park Premiere New Song, “Rebellion,” Featuring System of a Down’s Daron Malakian


Linkin Park have released a lyric video for a new song, “Rebellion,” which features a cameo from System of a Down and Scars on Broadway’s Daron Malakian. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments! The track comes off the group’s highly anticipated new album, The Hunting Party, out June 17.


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  • tufo sixay

    Finkin Narc

    • LPFreak64

      Prove it. Sub-par-lime is just stirring up dust to get their worthless names on billboards again.

      • EdibleAutopsy

        This is only putting their names on messageboards, not billboards. Maybe Stinkin Narc stirred up this controversy with their new album on the way. Makes sense to me.

        • LPFreak64

          With as many ‘stinkin narc’ posts I have seen, I 100% don’t believe LP would try to get THIS BAD publicity. Thye might be looking for some album publicity seeing how it is a return to rock, but at least they are still headlining concerts AROUND THE WORLD.

        • Silent Fool

          Linkin Park would have called the cops on every show if that was really the case, especially when you tour with people like , Cypress Hill. Pretty sure that whole “narc” thing was some stoner butt hurt about losing their weed and needed someone to blame.

  • captain pork

    this guy literally never stops smoking weed if they collab with him they definately wouldn’t narc on someone.

  • Doug Masters

    Yup, Stinkin Park, this is not METAL or rock it’s POP

    • MondayNiteMiller

      LOL how is this not rock?

  • Kristoffer Andersen

    Come on man…. Make some good shit instead of that….

  • jack

    Sorry, but the Linkin Nark comments are just downright lame and were never funny…at all. Just please stop – you’re not funny.

    FWIW, I hate the band.

  • StevenKasady

    Mike’s vocals remind me of something Tim from Rise Against would do.

  • Thule

    Guess they´ve been listening to Muse?!?

  • Edward

    This straight up SUCKS Bad wow just Bad!

  • Martha Sepulveda

    This song is awesome! Be open-minded!!!

  • Gerson Viera

    Its an interesting listen. I enjoyed it because it was different. People are too close-minded to appreciate the art.

    • Junaid Mohammad

      Some people are still stcuck in 2000-2003. This is about as close to HT as they can sound now! And undoubtedly this will their heaviest album yet!!

  • Junaid Mohammad

    STOP!!! Just stop bitching about HT or METEORA!!!! MORE THAN A DECADE HAS PASSED!!! SO,please remember people…… They’re not the 25-yr olds who make music to fuel the frustration of teenagers! They’re are one of those bands that has evolved…..for the better! Look at their songs that symbolize the modern world…war,destruction. They now now care about the world and are not just about making hip music. So,if u are a true fan,you will admire their work even if it’s different.

  • Junaid Mohammad

    and btw this track is the best of the 4. Great vocals,Awesome music, and it’s atleast a little heavier than the other tracks! But from what I’ve heard …….. ‘KEYS TO THE KINGDOM’ is gonna be epic!! Similar to BLACKOUT from ATS. JUST HOPE IT’S TRUE!!!!

  • Josh

    Rebellion by Linkin Park: First System of a Down song since 2005.