Linkin Park Premiere Lyric Video for New Song, “Until It’s Gone”

Screen-Shot-2014-03-07-at-3.05.06-PMLinkin Park have released a new song, “Until It’s Gone.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The track comes off The Hunting Party, out June 17.


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  • DeeJay Vizion

    OMG … a new LP track!?!? Not as growl-ly as we’re familiar with … but hot damn this rocks!!

    • Matt

      Growl-ly? since when has LP ever been growls, if you want growls or gritty vocals at all you go to the heavier side, with Whitechapel and Parkway Drive, not this crap.

      • MB

        So what da fuck are u doin here readin news about crappy band and watchin their new vid huh ? Are u some kind of masochistic freak or what ?

  • SanGorilla

    I don’t like it at all… The lyrics are shitty. Don’t like the sound of it either.

    • MB

      Who cares ?

      • Charlie Pawlak

        Well the website did ask for opinions…


    Great song, much better than ‘Guilty All The Same’

    • Lee

      Hell naw

  • Jarren Davis

    I honestly feel like they lead me on with this song, i assumed that there would be a lot more screams from Chester from the way the teaser looked but i guess not. Still a great overall song!Cant wait for this album, hopefully they are saving the big guns for last!

  • Nick H

    Its almost too literal for me. The lyrics just dont feel like the LP I know. Their lyrics used to have deep meaning that you had to search for. This song is just straight to the point for me.

    I understand that bands have to change and evolve, but dont ever loose that meaning of where you came from.

    Just my opinion. Yours may differ.

  • ABp

    I think it’s a energetic song with a deeper meaning which many people don’t seem to get. In a few words, they are describing their own situation with their music experimentation. When u experiment with ur music, u get good stuff that catches up with different generations. When LP will stop this experimentation, and creating new music…..People who resent them because of their experimentation will cry to have them back…..U dont know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That is the message LP wants to convey and we also need to get it. Change is inevitable. Keep rocking LP!!!!

  • Wayne Carlton Winquist

    The Good: The music, which stays true-to-form for them.
    The Bad: The lyrics, which feel too rushed and simplistic. (In other words: Poppy -which, if I recall correctly, was the direction you recently stated you were running from…)
    The Ugly: That sinking feeling that this MIGHT be the next “Transformers” soundtrack song. (Not that it’d be a bad song, but the meanings to the lyrics of the songs seem to have similarity to at least part of the plot/themes of the film it was with – whether directly written, a la “New Divide,” or tied to like “What I’ve Done” and “Iridescent.” It’s just ugly because it would be an unintended spoiler for the film if it is.)

    Overall: Like it, can’t wait to hear the rest of the new album.

  • TheSaleBoat

    meh, reminds me of a much much more boring and simpler version of crawling.

  • kmdyf

    transformers soundtrack lmao

  • ME

    I like more the old (style) Linkin Park than this, too monotone and boring, real Linkin Park mustn’t be a lullaby :-(

  • Here’s Johnny

    what happened to this album being heavier? typical pop crap direction.

    • MB

      Calm down dude. UiG never meant to be ”in your face” track. Did u read reviews from people who heard it before anyone else ? It supposed to be softest track on cd and it is. There will be 10 more songs including those with Malakian, Morello and Hamilton, so don’t judge entire album before shit comes out

  • Gerald Bourguet

    It’s not a bad song, but it does kind of worry me that this first taste of the album doesn’t sound heavier like their old stuff, which is what they said this new album would sound like…

  • ZZ

    The old style is better, but the only reason they’re shifting styles is because Chester’s voice isn’t going to hold out much longer. If you’ve been to their concerts recently, you’d notice that Chester doesn’t sing the harder parts anymore, he has the crowd do it for him.

  • blah

    All the people bashing linkin park….. Try doing something like this, then come back with your expert opinions. Maybe its not as good as Hybrid Theory. But here’s the thing. This album is not HT. If you want HT, go listen to it. All albums cannot be the same. Its called ‘experimentation’ for a reason.

    • ME

      Yep exactly! They said more guitars and drums. People still get some misconception that its more like Hybrid Theory or Meteora. Have people been living under a rock? Both those cd’s were over a decade ago. HT 2000, and Meteora 2003. When they made those records they were young adults. Yess hard to believe they are in their mid 30’s! The band’s mind has grown along with the music. So just because its harder hitting doesn’t mean it will be of the same era. Please people get with the program! Don’t like it?! Then listen to their older cd’s.