Linkin Park Debut New Song, “Lies Greed Misery”

Linkin Park have just unveiled the second single for their upcoming fifth studio album, Living Things. Listen to “Lies Greed Misery” below.

In a recent interview, frontman Mike Shinoda state that Living Things would be a far more personal album than other recent efforts. “On the last few records we’ve had an interest in global issues and social issues and those things are still around,” he said, “there are certainly traces of them, but this record is far more personal.”

Living Things is due out June 26.


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  • Artie Cabrera


  • Ryan Wojcik

    LOVE IT!!

  • Colemay

    Lame. Dubstep claims yet another good band.

  • Colemay

    Lame. Dubstep claims yet another good band.

  • charetta

    meh…not bad, not great either. Might need to grow on me.

  • Mblund_3118

    I’m surprised it didn’t say “Linkin Park feat. Skillrex” cause that’s exactly what it sounded like.

  • Doug Masters


  • Doug Masters

    They were nvr that Great can’t believe the Mag would do this to us Heavy Metal heads this crap belongs in  a Bieber magazine like teen beat or some other crap.

  • Doug Masters

    My ears are bleeding and not form this being good, on a scale form 1-10 I give it a 1

  • Doug Masters

    PLease keep it personal like in your own collection not worthy of a release except to GARBAGE.

  • Olli BU

    a nice copy of The Great Beastie Boys….. đŸ˜‰

  • Mikeyc12693

    No. Stop with the dubshit sound and put guitar and real drums back into your songs.

  • Jesdreamin

    its beena wild ride watching teese young artists evolve into to the linkin they are destined to be

  • Romit Varerkar

    frikin epic! all you haters oughta stop talkin and start tryin to catch up motherfuckas! m/

  • Evan

    Sounds like a mix of MTM and Meteora with a significant rise of Mr. Hahn’s & Shinoda’s influences. For all you saying it’s “too dubstep-ish” or “needs more guitar” the guitars have effects put on them so they sound more like synths, NIN did it all the time. The drums are just distorted, but it’s still a drum kit. So calm down. It’ll have to grow on me but I still like it.

  • Kyle

    i agree with Evan and all the stuuf he said was true, as for you other guys coooome onn. there are different styles of music other than heavy metal, and whatever the hell this is its bloody good. if you to ignorant to listen to anything but the same old shite then get out the way, music changes. stop thinking that it’s not ‘WHAT I LIKE @_@’ and expand your tastes a bit.