Listen: New Black Sabbath Song, “God Is Dead?”

Black Sabbath will release their highly anticipated new album, 13, on June 11. Now a song from the record, “God Is Dead?,” has hit the Interwebs. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments. The single will be available digitally tomorrow.


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  • Robbie Henry

    It’s beautiful. It’s such a brilliant track!! And the pace pick-up after the 6min mark is amazing!!

  • Cecil Twisty Kelly

    Sounds like the same old lame old Ozzy for the first 6 minutes. They say God is Dead, time this song picks up Black Sabbath will be dead.

    • dave

      ok twisty go jerk off now!!!

  • Kjell Ivar Lund

    Was this really necessary??? I love the old Black Sabbath stuff….but this….just sad….

    • dave

      aint you ugly little cunt

  • Mistermusic Musicplease

    love geezers riffing towards the end

  • MetalNationRadio

    This song is far from what I expected from the band. I seriously hope the rest of “13” is better than this. Song gets 5/10 from me ~~Sin City Animal~~

    • dave

      piss off pussy!!!!

  • Steve Johnson

    YES! All you wannabes notice how the all the players don’t fight with each other musically. Relief.

  • Yuki

    Loooooove! Can’t wait for their album and neither can’t I wait for their concert in November!

  • Daniel O’Malley

    I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the album. please release earlier

  • Gilberto Bá Moral Lopes

    Muito bom Sabbath….

  • poisonhell

    deus ta morto mesmo!!!!

  • disqus_bp9ToeRj1Z

    This is SABBATH!! Master of Reality, SABBATH.

  • Nico Pohjola

    To hell with the “I hate everything new from old bands” hipsters! This song is fucking amazing.

  • Adrian Dickerson

    who are those old ladies in the picture?

    • Todd August

      who is the chick with the hairy boobs in your profile pic?

  • Karenisems Love

    Love it.. I get the premiss of the lyrics, it’s pretty friggen cool, I love the classic Sabbath sound. Can’t wait for September show in LA

    • Ted Bates

      Premiss? UGH.

      • dave

        your hero mike jackson is dead!!you poor little cunt

  • Ted Bates

    That I heart radio on demand shit every 30 seconds can go fuck itself.

  • Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon


  • shane

    FUCK YEA !!!


    love it

  • Ricardo Collns Cruz


  • Dreaded Skull

    Awesome! as I thought it would be. ../ ../

  • Afterlife bass guru

    its Sabbath what the fuck do yo u expect! Lords of METAL!!!

  • John

    Ooooh I’m a fucking hipster and I hate everything new from the old bands. You can suck my dick, you bastards. I’m happy to see the 75% of the original sabbath together again.

  • Maggy

    Como siempre no esperaba menos de estos viejos,se las saben todas….muy buen tema!!!!

  • Nate Smith

    NO LEAD!?!?!?!?! REALLY!?!?!?!?

    • Rasmus Skriver

      doesnt matter that much, lead whas never iommi’s strong side anyways

  • Carson John


  • heavy metalist

    To all the little prick faggots who dislike this track, fuck you! You idiots obviously have never heard old black sabbath material aside from paranoid and iron man. both are good tracks, but those tracks are the ones that sound a little different. true fans will tell you, that’s original sabbath music!

    • dave

      you tell um dude!!!

  • DaisyBiz

    I absolutely LOVE it! I think it sounds great. You’ve got classic Sabbath sound BUT with a much more polished playing style. Love the pick up. Ozzy sounds great. Brilliant! Haters keep on hating there are plenty of us that LOVE IT!!!!

  • otterman20

    Sounds like Black Sabbath Vol. 4 1972 all over again. Awesome!!!!! But I do miss Bill Ward. Oh well. It’s at least great to have Osbourne, Iommi and Butler together again at this point in their lives. As for people who don’t like this? You can go back to your Justin Bieber crap now.

  • Terry Mc Brien

    SABBATH LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ron Bain Jr.

    Loving this song, looking forward to the rest of the album. Definitely reminds me of Vol. 4. And all you haters, you have no appreciation of Sabbath at all.

  • Aslan De Lyon

    Sorely, sorely missing Bill Ward’s drumming on this track. In Sabbath’s large catalog of great tracks I would give this a C+. Has some of the elements of what made them great, but lacks the intensity of their earlier work. Ozzy needs to take some Meth.

  • Jackson5

    I think it sucks…. Nice wig Tony

    • dave

      you suck asshole!!!!! jackson 5 what a cunt!!

  • Brumster

    Great song, cool recording Tony and Geezer sound awesome. Doesn’t sound all shitty digital Pro-tools BS autotune, autorhythm. Sounds like a real rock recording.

  • Kax

    So dark … thanks for coming back.

  • RumpledForeskin

    Awesome track. Great stuff.

  • Sabbath Rocks

    Yeah those I <3 radio fucks can go eat dicks, fuck those assholes for fucking up the first fucking new Sabbath tune in nearly 2 decades, what fucktards

  • ScottO

    Clearly the be all end all, wellspring which all things that ROCK flow! This is metal 101. God bless Black Sabbath. Geezers riffing really makes the song, THATS how a bass is played!

  • Rick Wilson

    Although slowly building to a mild crescendo in the style of “Heaven
    & Hell”, sadly, Ozzy’s vocal just does nothing to carry the strength
    of the riffage and bass-soloing going on between Tony and Geezer
    respectively. I do love Ozzy, but Ronnie James Dio would have hit this
    one out of the park. I’ll listen a few more times, but I think the
    drums are not recorded properly or Rick Rubin is trying for some
    tinny-sounding Pop, because I am certain that Bill Ward would have done
    quite a few more fills; his magic seems to be missing; I have the
    feeling the drums weren’t quite finished. Lyrically poigniant like most
    Sabbath songs and fodder for misunderstanding among the superficial –
    trademark Geezer lyrics. I would give this a 7 on a scale of 10, and 10
    out of 10 with Ronnie & Bill.

  • Anna Champ-McIntosh

    Cant wait to hear the rest of the album, Sabbath has always rocked!!

  • Louis R. Moran

    Great Album I am 59 and still LOVE Black Sabbath !!. Yes I am an old geezer !!. Love Ozzy !!!! Drugs and All. I myself never used Drugs but love the Band

  • Jason

    The gods of metal have done it again. All hail BLACK SABBATH!

  • Hukk LeBuk

    fucking great!

  • Sabfan3

    Every album Sabbath did was different. They always had light and dark on every album. This new album is the same thing. It is different from their other works. Some will love it and some will not. But I for one, have been waiting a very long time for this event! It’s a NEW Sabbath album people. This is an incredible event. These guys have more talent than most anyone of us out there. I have been a fan since ’69. I have seen the entire rock music industry since it began. Bands like this are the real deal. How many bands or artists are still selling out shows after more than 40 years. Success speaks for itself. Long live Black Sabbath! Gods of rock and roll.

  • Otis the rocker

    Can’t wait for this to hit the stores. Rockin’.

  • JH

    Classic awesomeness, always loved sabbath before and after Ozzy! They have more than what it takes, still Ronnie James Dio is missed….

  • Leo

    why did Bill Ward opt out again? Was it the money Ozzy was offering? Because I also think that Bill would have done a better job. Also the no solo is missing. I grew up with them in high school, and I’m still going to see them at the sports arena in LA. Ozzy doesn’t sound that bad. It’s true Black Sabbath sound. Dio couldn’t do the true Sabbath, Although he was great.

  • Gustavo Dreier

    Just awesome, better than the late ozzy-era and for eons superior to the material on the Reunion studio tracks.

  • Del Parrish

    Sabbath. True Black Sabbath. Can’t wait till the album drops. Think I’ll spin Masters of Reality in the meantime.

  • Sher

    Sounds like Sabbath to me!Love it, can’t wait to hear more.

  • budman420x

    Meh. The production is lacking and the drums are boring. I love Sabbath and have for most of my life but this just doesn’t do it for me. But it may just be Rick Rubin’s production throwing me off so I’ll give it a few more listens.

  • dhaf

    omfg this song is fucking amazing wow



  • Johnny.Spoonman

    Well, obviously they have adjusted the riffing to Ozzys more lowered vocal style, which is understandable because of his living. But the riffing and song building is great. Missing Bill Ward though (too bad the business takes over so that it can´t even make old friends keep together and share the “cake” between themselvelves fairly). Anybody thinks that Sharon has more than a finger in this cake?