Listen to Phil Anselmo’s Isolated Studio Vocal Tracks for Pantera’s “Walk”


For no other reason than because we’re nerds, and we love this shit…have a listen to Phil Anselmo’s isolated vocal takes for “Walk,” from 1992’s Vulgar Display of Power!

And don’t miss the crazy low harmony he throws down at the one-minute mark!

Compare that to the final studio version below:


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  • Mike Boardley

    This song is as awesome today as the day it was released! CFH!

  • Doug Masters

    sync them together it is badass

  • Matt

    Not a harmony at the 1 minute mark. That’s called an octave. Blah blah blah blah pretention.

    • Disagreeorberight

      an octave is a harmony too.

    • Kiani I

      Its done two octaves under the lead vocals.

  • Phosphoros

    Not impressed at all. It is even a little bit out of tune on some notes there. That’s not harmony.

  • @rrrcox

    I would actually like to hear more of these. I think it is interesting to hear tracks isolated from the rest of the tune.

  • Dave T

    I can hear the metronome. In the second chorus. Aww yeah.