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Live Review: Gwar at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Live Review: Gwar at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Gwar is probably the only metal band that beckons an army of white T-shirts. The amount of onstage gore they create is legendary, and fans just want to bathe in it—as I headed to see them, I wasn't sure if I'd join in on getting my shirt soiled by Gwar. Waiting to get into the venue, I was convinced that my black hoodie was no match for the buckets of fake blood and other artificial bodily fluids they use. I decided to just grab a beer and settle in the back.

As Gwar's roadies set up, the army of white T-shirts filed in. By that time, I couldn't resist. I pounded the remainder of my beer and took off my hoodie, leaving me with a white undershirt.

The space monsters marched onstage accompanied by zombies who began spraying blood from their head as soon as the first song started. The small floor quickly became space for one of the most tireless mosh pits I've ever been a part of. There wasn't a single song where the blood-covered participants slowed down. It looked like a chaotic scene from Carrie. One overly enthusiastic fan jumped from the railing, about eight feet off the ground, totally failing a stage dive, hitting the floor, and consequently getting himself kicked out. Spectacular renditions of the groove-ridden "Hail, Genocide!" and "Let Us Slay" belted as the band battled bloodthirsty enemies. The highlight of the set was the appearance of Lady Gaga, who joined Gwar on stage, wearing a toilet dress that spewed nauseatingly realistic diarrhea.

When Gwar were done, some fans stuck around for a brief disco-party to the Bee Gees classic, "Staying Alive," which blared from the PA. The rest of us left, shocking the unknowing Brooklynites who witnessed an army of red and green tie-dye T-shirts pouring from the venue. I'm still trying to wash the bloodstains out of my beard. CODY THOMAS

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