Living Sacrifice’s Rocky Gray Picks the Top Five Underground Horror Movies

Living Sacrifice’s lead guitarist Rocky Gray, who some will also remember as the former drummer for Evanescence, is getting ready to release his current band’s eighth full-length album, Ghost Thief, on November 12. Gray also happens to be a huge fright-flick fan, and here, he lists his Top Five Underground Horror Movies.




1. Tucker & Dale vs Evil, “This is one of the best horror/comedies to come out in a long time. It’s right up there with Shaun of the Dead and The Return of the Living Dead for me.”

2. Laid To Rest, “Well-planned and executed kill scenes, a good story and a great introduction of a new slasher villain in Chrome Skull.”

3. Stake Land, “This movie does not disappoint. It has some really good acting and special effects. One of the best vampire tales ever told in my opinion.”

4. The Innkeepers, “Ti West directs this one, so you’re in for more of a slow burn type of flick that I personally enjoy when it’s done right. It’s a haunted hotel story and is perfect for that slow burn pace. There’s a lot of dialogue between the scares but you stay interested the whole time. Fans of ’70s and early ’80s horror will enjoy this one.”

5. The Hills Run Red, “Babyface is a great villain and has a cool back story. With the interesting storyline and well done effects, it’s worth the watch.”


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