Louder than Life Recipe: Judas Priest Vocalist Rob Halford’s Full English Breakfast

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On October 4-5, the first-ever Louder than Life festival will bring music, whiskey, and “gourmet man food” together in Louisville, Kentucky. We’re counting down to the big weekend with recipes from some of the performing artists themselves, as well as band-inspired cocktails courtesy of one of our favorite rock-and-roll bars, Idle Hands at 25 Avenue B in New York City. We’ll be posting these every week until the last week of September when all the recipes and cocktails will be compiled in a Louder than Life eBook that will be available free download.

We’re also offering you, the fans, the chance to get your favorite band-inspired recipe or cocktail in the eBook. Email your recipe to: submit@revolvermag.com

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First up, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford presents his personal recipe for a full English breakfast.

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One of the things I look forward to cooking when I get back home to Walsall, England, is what’s known as the full English breakfast. The basic ingredients are simple and straight forward. Purists might go into detail as far as the many varied types, styles, and tastes of the contents of a FEB and that’s the fun side of giving cooking a personal flair. I will leave that to one side and just lay out my fast and easy way of making it all happen.


  • A couple of rashers of best gammon bacon
  • A couple of top quality pork sausages
  • One or two large free range eggs
  • A large fresh garden tomato
  • Two or three decent size white mushrooms
  • Small can of Heinz baked beans.

How to cook:

Heat up a large non-stick frying pan and place in the rashers along with the sausages and chopped mushrooms. Soon as it all starts to sizzle, lower the heat to around medium low and start turning everything around so it gets cooking all sides. Then add the chopped tomato. After a few minutes, crack in the eggs. Season with some salt and pepper to taste. Now, stick a lid on the pan and occasionally agitate by shuffling the pan back and forth. I usually give it a good five minutes to thoroughly cook the meat and the eggs.

This is the metal way, folks! Slide the whole shebang onto a warmed plate. Spoon on the side some heated beans. Along with all this delicious concoction, I have a slice of fried bread that I quickly cook on both sides in the juices left over in the pan on a high heat–you’ll sense when it’s ready. We make this killer sauce called HP, which gives the whole thing some zing that you dollop on or drizzle over the entire dish.

That’s it! Don’t forget the huge mug of hot English tea to wash it all down with. And the morning paper!


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  • BigPat Yum Yum

    Eat like a MAN!

  • Ron Luckenbach

    Y’know first time I had a FEB was in London’s west End many years ago…I was taken aback by the baked beans at first but got used to them real quick, They taste real good with the ‘bangers’ n’ bacon.
    The butter or oleo that the eggs were cooked in was a bit funky tasting but I got used to that too!

  • Gerardo Almeida

    We need pictures of that, Rob!!!

  • Hodgy

    Gets rid of ANY hangover