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Louder than Life Recipe: Theory of a Deadman Vocalist-Guitarist Tyler Connolly's Savage Chicken Sandwich

Louder than Life Recipe: Theory of a Deadman Vocalist-Guitarist Tyler Connolly's Savage Chicken Sandwich

On October 4-5, the first-ever Louder than Life festival will bring music, whiskey, and “gourmet man food” together in Louisville, Kentucky. We’re counting down to the big weekend with recipes from some of the performing artists themselves, as well as band-inspired cocktails courtesy of one of our favorite rock-and-roll bars, Idle Hands at 25 Avenue B in New York City. We’ll be posting these every week until the last week of September when all the recipes and cocktails will be compiled in a Louder than Life eBook that will be available free download.

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Here is Theory of a Deadman vocalist-guitarist Tyler Connolly's Savage Chicken Sandwich.

Very similar to a po boy, but we’ll use chicken instead of shrimp or roast beef. Chicken tenders work best. You can buy the frozen pre-breaded ones which is easier, but I like to get raw tenders from the meat aisle and BBQ them. I have a lot of pool parties at my house and always try to cook up something a little different than the usual burgers and dawgs. That way, when everyone is trying to cut their steaks with plastic knives on their laps--you have something you can eat with your bare hands like the devil intended.

Ingredients (prep time: 15 minutes / cook time: 10 minutes):

  • chicken tenders (1lb will suffice)
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • flour
  • Mrs. Dash
  • mozzarella cheese
  • french bread baguette
  • tomato
  • iceberg shredded lettuce
  • manliness

How to cook:

Real simple. Preheat BBQ. Put tenders in a Ziploc bag with a little Mrs. Dash and some flour. Shake 'em up. Throw them on the grill. I like to toast up the buns a little as well--got to have that crackling crust!

Slice up the tomato and cheese, throw it on the bread as well as the shredded lettuce. Use hot sauce to taste. But over do it.....'cuz you’re a man. The tenders will melt the cheese once you put them on the bread. Now fold over and make sure not to cut it in half. Now jam it down your throat and enjoy!

P.S. All good if you can’t finish this bad boy. Save it for later when you’re hammered with your shirt off and looking for something to snack on before you pass out.

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