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Magician in the Machine Announce Debut EP

Magician in the Machine Announce Debut EP

Former Wind-Up and Elektra recording artists Sean Kennedy and Johnny Royal have formed a new alternative group called Magician in the Machine. Currently, Magician in the Machine are working in the studio with Grammy-nominated producer Johnny K on their debut EP.

Royal and Kennedy first met when the two crossed paths on tour and were reconnected several years through a mutual friend who suggested that the two get in touch to collaborate.

Royal remarks, "I always loved Sean’s voice and when the idea was presented to reach out to him to collaborate I called him and sent him some of the new stuff I was working on. Within a few hours, Sean sent one of the tracks back to me with some scratch vocal ideas on it. I listened to it over 100 times that day.  The next day Sean flew out to Hollywood and we got along really well from the start.  Most importantly, we were on the same page musically.  We immediately knew that we wanted to start a new project together.”

Kennedy remarks, “Within a few hours of our first session together, we both knew we were on the same artistic paths. On the spot, we decided to start Magician in the Machine."  Royal brought in former Elektra recording artist, Jaison Karner, as synthesist and Kennedy recruited former Wind-Up recording artist, Stefan Runstrom, on drums to complete the band.

Magician in the Machine’s debut EP will be released in 2014, along with several music videos, and comic book artwork from Marvel Comics artist Wayne Robinson. The band will be posting daily updates during their writing and recording process through their social network profiles, which can be found at:

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